Toowoomba Writing Workshop and Writing Plan

Hello Everyone!! It’s so nice to have my internet cooperate with me. For the past few days it’s been sluggish and slow like molasses in January – So I wasn’t able to write on here at all. It drove me crazy, because I wanted to update long before after I had my spa day. Which was Thursday last week. It was absolutely amazing. It started out with a bath full of bubbles and rose petals. Then I had the massage and they serves me chai tea after. What a lovely treatment of relaxation. I think everyone deserves to give themselves a break once in awhile.

On friday, Johan and I went to Toowoomba. Which is a lovely area filled with farms, fields, and rusty old wind mills. It reminds me a lot of western North Dakota with their old cowboy feel. It was so beautiful there and it was a wonderful escape away from tcitywide city! :) I went to a writing workshop there. It was so much fun. The speaker/author was Kathy Hoopmann. She wrote the book called “All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome”.

I learned a lot of useful information at the workshop! Check out Kathy’s books! They are just darling! Check out her website:

While in Toowoomba I decided that my “Created Ones” Story will be turned into a series… because all my characters wanted a chance to get to know you all and there wasn’t enough room for that in the one book! :) So, I have planned to start doing that and lugging my way through that! :P Johan and I went to a lovely park called Queens Park and we walked around. There were such beautiful trees out and they were changing red colours. At first I didn’t see the red leaves, but then Johan surprised me with 2 beautiful red leaves that had fallen from the trees. I pressed them in my writing book. We went and sat on a picnic table near some of those trees. It was so beautiful and just a lovely time with Johan. A blessed and relaxing weekend.

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