Back in my flat-ett! :)

Hello Everyone,

Today is a lovely day here in Brisbane. I opened the windows and put a sweater on. It feels like autumn… even though I am in Australia. There is a women next door who is working in her garden and I can smell fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. They smell like heaven. I just wish I could go help her… haha… and eat the veggies too. They smell so yummy. There is a wooden picket fence between her garden and my windows. But every once in awhile I think that it would be lovely to sneak into her garden. It makes me think of the book “The Secret Garden”.

Who wouldn’t want a secret garden to escape to? Like yesterday Johan and I took a walk and discovered a park where some moms were having a picnic with their kids and such. It was beautiful. :) But on our way back I saw a wall with vines growing all over it and then in one area there was an iron gate that looked like it entered a vine covered rock wall maze. Johan said he would build me a garden maze someday! I am leaving it to him… BUT… Let’s just hope I can find my way out of it once I made my way into it. Because I didn’t have the best luck with that in England and if you ask any of my family members about how good I am at mazes… lets just say  – I am not the best! :P

Today I have been thinking about my characters from my book and have been trying to decide how to go about writing the first book. I am slightly stuck… but I will figure something out. I am hoping to set up a time with some other writers where I could have a writing group, somewhat like what C.S. Lewis had with J.R. R. Toilken in Oxford called “The Inklings”. I would so love that.

Other than that I am situating back into my flat after having been in Toowoomba. I am thankful my flat isn’t in the busy loud part of the city! It is on a back street of a bigger road so thank God I don’t hear the traffic.

But onto writing I go! I will be posting a winner from my Zombie Flash Fiction contest soon… so keep your eyes open! :)


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