1,059 words….

It feels so nice to finally have written a nice chunk of words again. It took a little bit of brainstorming and outlining to get this far. I am not really an outliner though. It’s crazy how some people are huge outliners and others just write, write, write and don’t need outlines. While growing up, my dad would edit for farming magazines and for other things. One of the other things would be my school papers. School being high-school and also college papers. He loved it. Sometimes it drove me and my siblings crazy because my dad loved editing and outlining so much that he would help us set up outlining mode in Word and  practically helped us rewrite the paper in outline. :P Now, I look up to him for that… because my outlines are nothing compared to how his were. But I am thankful that he took the time to sit down and explain it all to us. :) So, my outlines were not extremely amazing or anything… then more so end up being a list of points – like a road map… sorta of where I am going and where I will go next. So, then how do you write? Are you an outliner? or a freewriter? (I have heard some people call it pantsing… but I don’t like that saying much! lol!) 

I have pretty much one whole novel written. It’s the Created Ones, which is at about 70,000 words… the goal had been 80,000. I felt like I was pushing too many of my characters into the can and limiting their stories to the point where I felt like I was bored with them. That isn’t a good thing… by the way! lol…
Soon after thinking about one character at a time… I started seeing their past and their issues. I am totally excited about this Fantasy/Paranormal Fictional Novel. It has been trying my patience, and strength in writing as well. But maybe this first story will be easier to write… because I have basically written one novel already.

How have you all been?

I will be putting the WINNER of my Flash Fiction Zombie Contest up soon! Keep your eyes peeled, it’s a good one! :)

Devin Berglund

4 thoughts on “1,059 words….

  1. Hi Devin – I am a classic freewriter. I’ve never put together an outline, though there are times I wish I had. I just can’t gather up the patience to sit there and map things out. For my latest book, I simply had an opening scene and an ending in mind, and the rest just sprang forth. I think I tend to feel like Stephen King when it comes to this. As he says, he’s not a story writer but a story finder.

    As for characters, this is by far my most difficult area of writing. I’m struggling at the moment with how to expand on a few main characters, to make them seem more realistic and not so two dimensional. Not sure why it’s so hard. Perhaps it has to do with that tendency of mine to be somewhat ADD and want to jump right into the story. The characters suffer form that, I think.

    • That is kind of like me too, Dave. I can really outline… I have made bullet points in some areas, but I have a tough time with it. Yes, characters can be an interesting one. Do you write character sketches? I once read in a book that taking a blank sheet of paper and writing a monologue from that character’s perspective helps you find out what they want. Make your characters want something badly and then take that away from then and they you will have a drive behind why your characters are doing what they are doing. Those are just some ideas that I heard from some writing friends! Hope it helps! Keep it up and you will find the characters speaking! :P

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