Finding the true America – with “One Nation Under God” – National Day of Prayer

Hello Everyone,

I am an American who is living abroad in Australia. It is the 3rd of May, here in Australia, which means that it is the 2nd of May in America right now. On the 3rd of May in America – it is The National Day of Prayer. It’s something that is held very close to my heart. I remember when I was in high school it was a big thing to meet at the pole early in the morning for the prayer of our nation. I think history and culture is very important for American’s. The most important thing though, is belief. If it’s not a belief in God, many American’s have a belief in their people – they believe in their people, their strength, and their Hope. Although, those are all good things to believe in – they are not the main things that the American forefathers started America on. America was a place where people ran to for religious freedom and to start anew! The land was set on Christian ground.

Just lately, there have been some things that I haven’t been so happy with, with my country. The President and some of the things that he has been involved in. As a Christian, I was appalled at what Dan Savage said at a Journalism Convention (You may also watch and listen to what this man says.”
This was supposed to be a talk about Bullying and Anti-Bullying… and yet, He was bullying. I found that, that was extremely wrong. It says that Obama supports this man. So, if you agree with me that it was wrong, please visit this website and sign the petition to the President.
(If you agree with me, that this is wrong – but you can’t sign the petition because you aren’t an American – then don’t feel left out, because you may help as well… America needs as many prayers as you can send out. So, if you are a prayer warrior… please meet all the other prayer warriors across the world at the feet of Jesus on our knees. Change only comes when many people unite in Jesus’ name. So, let’s all make a difference with our Nation’s brothers and sisters – because that is what we are. :) I know that I will meet all of you someday and I am very thankful for all of you.

I am not the happiest with my countries government and the current situation that it is in. In my title “Finding the true America…” I wanted to bring out the picture of The True America… The true America isn’t what you see on the News. It isn’t Obama speaking on the news or the other politicians. It isn’t the multiple news stations fighting about who you should vote for. The TRUE America are the people who stand up – They are the people willing to make a difference. They are the people who don’t want their country to get lost in the mess of the world.  It isn’t what you see in the open – That isn’t the TRUE America. The True America is the quiet one, the one waiting to stand up for what is right. The huge company of hidden voices waiting to be heard, screaming in the silence to be heard.

Join me and thousands of other believers across the globe to pray for America the next two days.

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