But… nothing comes close to the Golden Coast.

Today was a great day and so was yesterday. Johan and I watched “Magic Beyond Words”, which is about J.K. Rowling and kind of about the stories and things that inspired her to become a writer. I love the movie. If you haven’t seen it – I recommend it completely! Especially if you are creative or a writer… you will love it.
I have been taking a writing class from Writer’s Digest University and it’s on freelance writing and how to market yourself and such. It’s been really exciting as this first assignment was to rewrite the words on a brochure and such. I got distracted with the brochure’s appearance so I opened up InDesign and started remodeling it. Mine looks awesome, if I do say so myself. I will put it up on here after I contact the company to try sell my writing and designing services to them. :)  I have been excited about this class though! I will update ya, as the class proceeds.

Yesterday I talked to my sister. I am so excited because she is probably coming to visit me in June. I really can’t wait. Miss my sister (or SeaStar as we have nicknamed one another!) After that it was about 6pm so Johan and I didn’t feel like cooking anything. We decided to go somewhere like Hungry Jacks or McDonalds, but after getting gas we were driving out of the city and I turned to ask him where we were going and he told me that he couldn’t tell me. I got all excited. A surprise.

Soon we drove into the city and saw the port with all the boats and the bright lights. It was the Gold Coast. We then arrived at Surfer’s Paradise and walked through a night market looking at different objects and the amazing cityscope along side the beach. The huge building Q1 and Soul. Amazing architecture – so, of course my boyfriend and I stood looking up at them for a little while. hehe… Johan knows so much when it comes to those things. It amazes me, but I guess he would know those things because he is studying it. Then we walked to a restraunt and ate fish and chips and I got a chai latte. It was a lovely evening… hehe… even if I was dressed like I was doing camping. I hadn’t known where we were going to go so I didn’t get dressed up. The Gold Coast is like Australia’s Vegas somewhat… and it was a friday night, but oh well! :P I had a beautiful time hanging out with my love. :)

Johan and I enjoying the moment. :)

Hehe… :) Cute!

Me – looking like I am going camping.

My Love and I <3

It made me laugh when I saw the “Vegas Sign” so, I made sure we got a picture in front of it so I could text
it to my sister and tell her to meet us, because my sister lives in Vegas and also studies there.

I will update again tomorrow with the surprise that I got today from Johan! It’s been a nice weekend full of surprises and I have loved it! :)

Happy Fifth of May to you all!  Happy Cinco De Mayo! :)

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