A Relaxing Day Away at Mount Glorious! :)

I woke up on Cinco De Mayo not completely sure what the day held before me and Johan. I decided that I would make Johan a delish mexican dinner to celebrate Cinco De Mayo- but Johan came to pick me up and I thought we were going to Coles (The grocery store) because I was quite low on food and what not. Then we started driving and he said we aren’t going to Coles. I then asked, “Where are we going, then?” and he smirked like – why would I tell you that!? lol… then he asked, “Well, where would you need tennis shoes, water, and shorts?” There were countless things running through my mind like “gyming” (That Idea got thrown out completely, because as much as I know I should do it – I didn’t want to at that moment) and then I said “hiking?” and he said mayyyyybe!

We started driving and all of a sudden all around us we got the feeling of being in the country instead of the city. Which is a lovely feeling. I was raised in the country and I have realized how much I miss it now living in a city. Soon we stopped at a car park and got out. There was a sign that said D’Aguilar National Park and that there was a rainforest circuit walk. We started walking. It was so peaceful with no loud noises. The birds sung and their songs echoed through the vines draping from the extremely tall trees. It was such a gorgeous evening. We ended up going deeper into the woods and the deeper we went the darker it got. Also the colder it got.

At the end of the hike the rain forest was getting much darker and thoughts of bears and wolves started filling my mind only to be reminded that they don’t live in Australia. Then we heard an eerie bird screeching that sounded like a shrieking baby. It scared us. I have no idea what it was though. Our imaginations were fumbling and twirling with thoughts of a witch in the forest who wanted to eat us. That’s what happens to my imagination. Give me something to think about that is slightly scary and I could drive myself crazy with those thoughts of what it was…

We made it back to the car and as we drove back to Brisbane there was a point where we stopped at a stop light. We both heard something and looked at one another. What was it??? It sounded like the Demon Baby Bird that was in the forest. After having shocked faces and then realizing our thoughts were just our imaginations and that the noise we had probably just heard was the breaks of a passing car or something. We laughed for quite a while.

I am so thankful for such an a amazing boyfriend who surprises me with little things like this. :) Sooo thankful! :)

I may have mentioned it before, but I am taking a writing course from “Writer’s Digest University”. It’s a course on freelance writing. I finished my first assignment today and now I need to figure out how to confront a business about doing freelance work for them. I have currently done two brochures and they are so amazing!  I love them… So, I hope the companies do as well! :)

Well I must scoot!

Much Love,



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