It’s been a little while…

Hello Everyone in the world,

I just thought I would write a quick post. :) I have been keeping busy and amazingly enough this week I have gotten a lot of writing done. I have been doing some freelance writing and design jobs. I have been enjoying it. When I have finished the jobs I will post them in my portfolio section for all people to view. :) Other than that I just finished writing a travel article on Mt Tirbogargen and when my boyfriend and I climbed it with a few friends.

Other than that, Johan and I went to a writing course on Character Buillding with Tristan Bancks. It was really interesting because he had us do a few writing things that made me think differently about writing. We talked about all areas of Character Development and how that adds to stories – we even got to go outside and people watch and make up stories about those walking by. It was rather funny and interesting.  It’s interesting how there are all sorts of people in the world. I will share something that I wrote in the class at the bottom of this entry. He had us do some digging into our past about things that we remember and one of the things that I remembered was “the last time I saw my Grandpa Dennis.”

“It is a sunny morning as my grandfather and I were driving into town. We were headed to the hardware store. We rounded the last corner before arriving at the edge of town. The trees were sparkling green and the sky was blue. Grandpa had to get new screening for our screen door, because we had some new kittens who were at the stage of trying out their new sharp claws by climbing up the screen door. As I drove toward the hardware store, a white sign was swinging in the wind. It read, “Bakery” “Ohh! Why don’t we stop at the bakery after we get the screening – Just don’t tell grandma.” He smiled mischeiviously with that crooked smile that I loved. I smiled too and answered, “Sure!” As soon as we got the screening for the door, we went into the bakery and got a dozen lengendary blueberry doughnuts. My grandpa handed me the box and then turned to pay for them. As soon as we got into my car, the sun was shining into the passenger seat and I got this weird feeling that this would be my last time seeing my grandpa. I didn’t want to believe it, so I tried pushing it out of my mind.”

I hope you enjoy your Tuesday and that you had a great weekend! :)

Sorry if there are any typos, I typed this on my iPad and it’s hard to type with it on wordpress sometimes.

What kinds of things do you do to build characters? 


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