7 things you probably don’t care to know about me…

I was tagged by two other writers (Stephanie and Kelsey) on their blogs to participate in this chain blog message… to write 7 things that most people probably don’t care to know about me. What? *sarcastic smile* People don’t want to know things about me? Well, here is my attempt at writing 7 things that some people probably don’t want to know about me.

1. I had 2 nose surgeries. Yep, and it wasn’t because I wanted one. During the whole process, I was thinking about Michael Jackson and for the life of me I didn’t know why he would go under a surgery just to change how his nose looks. Me on the other hand – I had a deviated septum, and apparently also had a broken nose. Which, I can’t remember ever having my nose broken, because the doctor said I would have remembered it (as it would have hurt). Having the surgery once didn’t solve all the problems, so I was lucky and had to have the surgery for a second time. I remember the first time I had it was on the 22nd of December. So, right before Christmas. I even have embarressing pictures of me in one piece pajamas… you know the kind with footies… and I was not little like you are probably thinking. I was probably 17 or 18.  And besides the embarressing pajama’s I had tape holding cotton under my nose. And yes, that was also caught in the photos as well.

2. I love to eat sliced tomatoes with sugar on top of it. I swear I got this tradition from my Grandma Doris. But it’s a total tradition, in our family – well, at least for my Dad and I.

3. I find something peaceful about cemeteries. I like to go walk around in them. My inner muse speaks to me in the quiet places. Some people would probably think that I am crazy. But, it’s the truth, none the less.

4. I hate the cheesy commercials with odd colours and sqeacky voices. If it is unbelievable, I am not going to buy things from you.

5. A major pet peeve of mine is leaving any sort of food uncovered in a fridge. I don’t want the smells of other foods attacking the smells of the other food. I don’t want to taste the pizza when eating the cake.

6. I dislike touching the handles in bathrooms after washing my hands. Okay, let me just say I don’t if there are paper towels. But I am freaking out if there are no paper towels. Thank God, when someone is coming in at the same time as I am going out.

7. I love tea. So, if you know of an interesting tea tell me about it and I will check it out! :)

So, now I have to pass the flame to 7 other writers. Let me see… and who will I pick… Drumroll please… It is….

1.My creative boyfriend

2. A lovely writing friend from college April Matson

3. My creative Mother (who is an artist – Check out her site as she will be giving away some amazing art.)

4. A writing friend from College, Emily Enger

5. Another lovely writing friend, Mandi

6.  A Blue Monkey Writing buddy, Ashley

7. Another Blue Monkey Buddy, Andrea

Hope you all enjoy these little things about me, even though the point was to tell you 7 things that you probably don’t care hearing about. :P

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