What to do for inspiration when you live in a city?

It is in the midst of the city that one writes the most inspiring pages about the country. (Jules Renard)
What to do to gain inspiration while you are living in the city? I just love the quote at the top of this entry. It is so true. I find, though – that after awhile – living in a city can be kind of draining on one’s spirit and mind with all the traffic and cars. It can be hard to escape from the busyness. Even though I am not an expert yet, I would like to share some things that Johan and I have been doing. Someday I want to live in the country again. One forgets how blessed they are when they have silence outside their door instead of rush hour traffic.
  1. Take a Photo of it – With this point – it’s amazing what kinds of things one finds to photograph. I have been playing with instagram lately and here are some pictures I took on my way to work today and amidst my day after work.

    You may be able to see that these are merely just pictures from life, not of anything overly rememberable, but they are of places. Since, I am a writer I have found that I really enjoy having a camera at my fingertips when I am running about busy with life. If you haven’t checked out Istagram yet, you should!! Taking pictures like this has helped me capture moments, thoughts, and emotions. Story ideas in motion. Who would have thunk it?

    I think this ugly pigeon was breaking the “fine line rule”! haha!!!

  2.  Go for a walk – This may just open you up to more flowing traffic and more loud noises. You can either go somewhere like that where it is loud or if you are looking for more of an escape from the loud noises – check out a park. :)

  3.  Soak – take a class. Are you a writer? Dancer? Painter? Take a class and learn more about your “love” and it will definitely inspire you!
  4. Sweat – Take a run or go for a walk. Exercise clears your mind.
  5. …And for your sweet tooth – I know this one contradicts my last point, but I thought it was worth posting. :) Go get a snack or yummy dessert!! Treat yourself to something once in awhile. Taste inspires me a lot!
  6.  Take a nap– Sometimes you just need one. :)

    Tired… sometimes you just need a little “shut eye”! :)

    What do you do to get inspiration – if you live in a city??
    I would really love to know what others do! Let me know!! :)

    To enter you need to write a 6-word-story. Yes, a 6-word-story. Ernest Hemingway was known for his “For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn.” 6-word-story. I am going to hold a 6-word-story contest on here. You have till the 15th of June to come up with a “Brilliant” 6-word-story. :) 

    More chances to win in this contest you must :
    1. Write the 6-word story
    2. Add me on twitter (@devinberglund)
    3. Add this facebook page (if you haven’t already)
    4. Follow my blog: devinberglund@live.com

    with each of those points you have 4 chances to win, besides seeing how brilliant your 6-word-story turns out! :)

    Now Ready…SET GO!!! :) I am totally excited to see what you all come up with!!!! When you have done all the qualifications to win, send me an email with the story at: devinberglund@live.com (and make sure to label the subject box with 6-word-story Contest)


2 thoughts on “What to do for inspiration when you live in a city?

    • I am glad you enjoyed the quote and article! It’s interesting how the city can make you feel lethargic at times, because of it’s busyness. Where in the country all you had to do is go outside and feel the fresh wind on your skin, the swooshing of the green leaves, and birds singing to fill your inspiration tank. So, I’ve been searching for inspiration in any place that I can find it. Thanks for reading and I hope that New York is treating you wonderful! Keep well and say hello to John for me. Be Blessed! x

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