Culture: What is yours?

Hello Everyone,

I am currently working on an article that I am going to send into a contest. Was just online doing some research and thought I would post a blog entry.  I am writing it about culture. Particularily my culture, which isn’t “just” American. I am from Minnesota which is a very Scandanavian heritaged land. Some of those cultural things stuck when our relatives moved to America. I am also going to show a little South African culture, and Australian culture. It’s almost like I drew three out of a hat, but It’s on purpose since I am Widwestern American, Johan is South African, and we are both in Australia – it fits.

My Culture – Midwestern American

Where is Minnesota? A lot of people ask me where I am from and their eyes glaze over when I say Minnesota. So, usually I say I from America, but from the State of Minnesota (which is far north and close to Canada). But, then people usually only hear the Canada part and think I am from Canada, because my accent is similar to theirs, I guess.

Here is a bigger picture of Minnesota. I am from the area on the far left where it says Fargo. Just a note to those who don’t know… Fargo is a city in North Dakota, not Minnesota. The city on the Minnesota side is Moorhead. (where I went to College) And you are probably also wondering, “Devin is that the Fargo as in the movie Fargo?” My answer is yes, although we don’t really talk like that, and the movie Fargo wasn’t even really shot in Fargo. Interesting, huh?

This is a Norwegian Stave Church. There are many of these churches scattered all throughout the midwest. They are replicas of real ones in Norway.

This is the Nowegian Hjemkomst Ship, it was built as a replica by a few Minnesotan brothers. They actually brought it out to sea and made a journey to Norway and back. My Mom told me stories about having seen it when they were wheeling it out of the garage that they had built it in. How cool, right?

This is a Swedish Horse. They are known to be toys for children, but there are also big statues throughout the midwest and also throughout Sweden. In Minot, North Dakota there was a Norwegian Stave Church and the Swedish heritage people built a Swedish Horse staring at the Norwegian Church. It bugged the Norwegian Heritage people so much that they put a big tree and bush in between the church and horse. It made me giggle.

My Grandma Doris had some of these little blue glass bird decorations. I loved the way the sun hit them. I wonder if there is a story behind the little glass blue bird. Are there any Swedish people who might know?

Swedish Wedding Cake…. this is amazingly yummy!!!

This is Krumkake (Kroom-Ka-ka) which is an amazinnnnng Norwegian dessert usually eaten on Christmas and Thanksgiving! Another big Norwegian dessert is Lefse!

This is the famous dessert known as Lefse… It shows that it’s made of Potatoes!

Yum… and I just had to, because nothing is more American that “Thanksgiving Dinner” complete with Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Pumpkin Pie, and Lefse! :)

Australian Culture

This is according to my time living in Australia and what I have found to be the Aussie culture along with what other Australians have told me.

BBQs are a huuuuge thing in Australia. Whether it be a celebration or just for a weekend chill night.

Of course Vegemite is a well known thing that Australian’s are known for. I have been here for quite a long time and haven’t had it FOR A LOOONG TIME… I personally didn’t like it. Give me peanut butter any day!

And of course the beach. This is a picture that I took of a rocky area on one of the beaches.

These Sausage Rolls are extremely popular and really good along with meat pies.

South African Culture

My boyfriend grew up in South Africa and ended up moving to Australia with his parents. Here are some of the traditions and cultures that he is used to. Some of these I have been introduced to as well!

Here is a Braai. Which is like a BBQ but done over a fire instead.

And this is biltong. It’s like American’s version of Jerky, but way better. Especially the chili bites version, because it’s really hot and spicy. They make biltong by rolling the meat in spices and then hanging it up to dry. When it’s down drying… you can eat it.

Here is what Biltong looks like when it is dry and ready to eat. Yum!

There is a funny story with this one. So, Johan’s mom made them for us one time when I was first in Australia and I tasted one freshly made. She ended up loving what I said, “Where have you been my whole life!” They are so yummy! I swear they taste like delish dough-nuts cooked in maple syrup of some sort.

This is Milk Tart. It is yummy…

This is the South African “Rusk” It is really yummy dipped in your morning tea for breakfast.

What is your culture? I would love for you to share!! 

Thank You for coming to my blog! I hope you liked your stay today! Come back again soon!

Devin Berglund

7 thoughts on “Culture: What is yours?

  1. That was a pretty interesting post! I’m always interested to see what other cultures eat, and those all loook amazing! Love the wedding cake and the milk tart – they look delish.

    Where I live there are some common things you’ll find everywhere – grapevines stuffed with rice, a salad called tabbouleh ( which is very yummy, sweets called Qatayef which are like fried dumplings stuffed with cream or nuts.. yum. xD

  2. Your post is making me hungry! Uffda~Important part of culture, many people in the US have never heard this Word!
    One food that my Grandma always made was Pierogi, It is a pastry like dumpling – traditionally stuffed with potato filling, sauerkraut, ground meat, cheese, or fruit. They are boiled in water and then fried. We always had the ones filled with June berries! Grandma would come over for the day and we would go pick June Berries up in the hills, which was an adventure. Not sure how many we picked cause it was a lot of fun playing in the bushes and exploring! Then Grandma would make Pierogies. They were so good! Grandma tried to teach us how to make them, but she never had a recipe and it was always different? I would love to have some now!

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