Thank You for the Blog Award. & What are my current goals?

Today was an exciting day! This morning I found that a awesome writer and blogger Zen Scribbles awarded me with the Kreative Blogger Award, Inspiring Blog Award, The Versatile Blog Award, and the Sisterhood of the World Award. I will be adding them to the side-bar soon. I was so excited! Thank you again for giving them to me. It’s lovely to know people are reading my blog and that my words aren’t just going out into the void… it makes me feel special knowing that people are liking what they are hearing. In accepting the award I need to tell you 7 things about myself.

  1. I have found out that I am extremely bad at measuring and cutting things… so, if you need something measured and cut straight… please don’t come to me. :P
  2. I love Cats and Dogs. I wish that I had a pet right now. Right now, I’d preferably like a soft little kitty. I grew up on a farm, so it was normal to always have kitties and puppies around! Their is just a certain way that a purring kitty can make your day all better – just by hearing it’s purr.
  3. Some writers write with music on, while others cant. I really don’t know where I fall in the mix. Sometimes I can listen to music and write, but others times I am distracted by the sound and lyrics. The music I have really enjoyed is instrumental music like “The 2 Cellos” I love their work.
  4. I love food from different nationalities. I have enjoyed most of every kind where ever I have gone, although, my stomach didn’t handle Singapore’s food very well when I was there. It was just so different from what I was/am used to. Although I really loved their peach fanta!! Yum
  5. Speaking of Fanta… I say Pop. Here in Australia many people look at me and laugh when I say it, so I’ve had to conform in order for them to understand what I want by saying, “Soft drink or Soda”. Some other Minnesotan-isms that I proudly carry in my tongue is how I pronounce bag (the ‘A’ is pronounced with a long A as in “Aye” and that also goes for Dra(y)-gon as well! :P People say that Minnesotan’s lengthen their ‘O’ and their ‘A’ when they speak. I guess that was a little quirky fact about the way I speak.
  6. I don’t like it when people are unprofessional.
  7. My favorite movies of all times are the musicals. Like the good ones “The Sound of Music”, “The King and I”, and Broadway musicals as well. I am actually so excited because Johan and I will be going to the Broadway musical “The Jersey Boys”, which is an awesome musical probably my favorite out there at the moment.
I also have to nominate a few bloggers who I am inspired by as well. You will also receive the awards that I listed above. In order to accept them you must also tell us 7 things about you on your blog and then pass it on to a few other bloggers. :)
Zen Scribbles (I know you gave me the award, but I am inspired by your blog and writing as well, so I thought I would award ya as well! :)
Johan Joubert (You have just started blogging, but I really enjoy your posts when you update your blog.)
Darlene Craiotto – (I know we have been blogging friends for just a short amount of time, but I think that it’s so cool and inspiring to be friends with a scriptwriter.
Annette Berglund – (My mom, you always inspire me! In life, through your words, and also through your artwork.)
So, now that I got that done I can continue with this post. It was so crazy, because last night I had a strange dream. When I awoke all I could remember was Ted Dekker speaking to me (he is a great author who I have met) said to me, “Devin, you have to finish your book!” So, I believe that is the mission, besides doing the freelance articles and stories that make money along the way I need to plunge head first into my novel. It’s a race… and I need to get the story out. I was thinking about participating in JULNOWRIMO… which, is kind of like NANOWRIMO to finish this novel, but my sister will be here in Australia during the whole month of July and we will be traveling and such. Instead of that I will just start now, and write everyday. I had a friend who embarked on a journey of writing 10,000 words a week and in 8 weeks she finished her novel. Pretty sweet, right? Sounds like heaven to me…
He is so talented… and this is only part of it… I will post the rest later after he has finished it. :)

While I sit here pondering about my life as a writer, my boyfriend finished an architecture project. It looks really cool! I will share more pictures with you later.

5 new goals

  1. Finish “Untitled novel. Book one of the Created Ones Trilogy.” Well, this one isn’t a new one, but it is a MUST DO… You know it’s a must when you are having dreams of a favorite author of yours telling you to finish your book. I think in order to do this my best bet will be to continue waking up early in the morning to write when the annoyances of the world (the freakin annoying and cackling crows who wake up in my backyard around 8am) are quiet!
  2. ReREAD my favorite book – I am currently reading the first book of the “The Hunger Games” and It is good, but nothing compared to my favorite book ever. I watched a Vlog lately by a guy who does NANOWRIMO every year and he states that when you are stuck for inspiration that you should go back to the book that made you think, “I want to be a writer.” He said that, that way you will see what it was that made you want to write. That book for me was C.S. Lewis’ book from The Chronicles of Narnia – “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.” I will go out and scout down a copy of that book and crack the cover open to reDISCOVER why it made me want to be a writer. I remember when I read the book and stopped for a second to look up and I realized that I was thrown into the beautiful land. At times I had much rather preferred to be in Narnia than our world. I loved how it made me feel accepted and loved.
  3. Sunday Scribbles – This is an exciting find that I accidentally stumbled across on a writing page. Every week they put a weekly challenge in the form of a prompt. It is only one word. So, you are to write a short story or poem on your blog that has to do with the prompt word in some way. So, starting next week I am going to try do a prompt a week. I want to get some short stories written so I can submit some to literary magazines and story web-sites.
  4. NANOWRIMO – Since, I am going to finish my novel soon I will participate in NANOWRIMO this year, in November! I am pumped, because I was a part of it way back when it first began, but I didn’t get too far! I am excited about this, since I have been getting sooo many story ideas which are floating around up in my brain and are needing a place to reside on paper. I must sit down and write my book, so I can write the new ones in my head.
  5. Sending Off – Since, I will be writing a lot this year, I am going to aim at sending writing out to magazines, guest blog posts, and writing pages at least 3-5 times a month. I think that will do. I will see how it goes this month and I’ll be sure to update you all on how it goes.

What are some things that you all want to improve? What are the goals that will help you achieve those things? :)

One thought on “Thank You for the Blog Award. & What are my current goals?

  1. Thank you for giving me the awards too! xD I’m extremely bad at measuring and cutting too, and I’ve cut my fingers more often than I can remember. And I would love to have a kitten as well! I’m planning on buying one as soon as I can. =D

    Good luck with all your goals! I hope you can achieve them. =]

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