Finding “You” in the Universe and the Beatles, England, and Shakespeare

Hello Everyone,

It is the beautiful weekend!!! How exciting!! I am planning on sitting down to write a bunch this weekend. I am on the Sunny Coast right now typing away while my boyfriend plays car video games… he is intensely staring at the tv screen and that car is getting dented up. hehe… But yes… Today was a great day as I got an article sent in to a contest. I named it “Find ‘You’ in the Universe” and it’s travel themed. When I hear more about the turn out of the contest, I will be sure to share more about the article.

I was looking at another blog and saw pictures of beautiful London and it had me thinking about my trip there a few years ago. So I thought I would post an entry on England that I wrote while in England! Hope you enjoy!

Lacock Abbey, I was excited to see that Harry Potter was shot here!

Does this hall look familiar? Hint – imagine it much darker and wizard students pacing the hall…

Making your Fantasy a Reality
You Have a Story

If I asked you what your story is, would you know? Or would you look at me with questioning eyes and an answer like, “Oh, I am not sure that I have a story or that my life will ever really amount to anything? It’s pretty much impossible to be noticed anyways.” You would finish saying, while glancing off in another direction while changing the subject.

What If I told you that you do have a story to tell? There were 2 boys who probably didn’t think that they were going to have a story to tell that would be world known either. What is the possibility of a few people being noticed in the whole world, anyways?

While in Liverpool, a place called Woolton I got to see where an amazing music legacy began. It was there that Paul McCartney and John Lennon met for the first time. When their names are mentioned everyone knows that they were part of the Beatles. They wrote beautiful, cheery, and also some tougher songs as well.

“Here comes the sun,” “Let me take you down, Because I’m going to… Strawberry Field.  Nothing is real, nothing to get hung about…Strawberry fields forever.” “Hey, Jude… don’t make it bad…take a sad song and make it better.” “All you need is love.” Their lyrics were made with true artistry and literally full of imagination. They probably had no Idea that one day they would be the next big thing after Elvis. In the book Imagine this, which was written by John Lennon’s sister mentions that John Lennon’s family loved listening to Elvis and that he was a huge Rock N Roll icon for the world. Did John Lennon or Paul McCartney know that they would be a huge part of ROCK N’ ROLL and that there, is the funny part! It shows we all don’t really know!

The Beatles are one example of a few normal people who made it big, had a story, and they told it. They made their own choices; some good and others bad. But that is what happens in life – some decisions make or break a person’s life.

Another person who I really found myself thinking about a lot while in England was the person that we place up next to Einstein and Beethoven. His lines are known around the globe. Some include:

• “The course of true love never did run smooth”.– Hamlet

• “See, how she leans her cheek upon her hand! O that I were a glove upon that hand, that I might touch that cheek!”-Romeo and Juliet

Who other than, Shakespeare? He is known as the best writer the world has seen.

When I was at the Shakespeare museum a video said that if people hadn’t known of Shakespeare’s plays or if they had not been archived and taken care of—all his work would have dwindled away. And he would have been unknown. Which, brought me to think about all the people before and during and even after Shakespeare’s time that wrote amazing things and their things were not archived or taken care of—causing them to erase that person’s existence or so it would seem. I talked to another girl about that and she told me that if there had been other writers as good as Shakespeare then their work would have been remembered, noticed, and saved. I would have to say I don’t believe that. There is a right time for everything and certain choices people need to make in order to be someone. And also in order to be remembered!

When I was in Shakespeare’s house I found myself imagining the young Shakespeare sitting in the kitchen writing his creative and genius ideas many years before. Did William Shakespeare know that he would be considered the world’s best writer? I don’t believe he did either, he just went with what he loved doing.

It amazes me how these artists are just two different examples of people living in unexpected times with an amazing talent and drive which led to an amazingly successful life. They changed the world as they knew it to the world as we know it. Now we need to be the ones to stand up and change the world as we know it to the world as our children and children’s children will know it.

See my point? You have a story to tell, if you like it or not. As it was for Shakespeare and the members of the Beatles (It was only them that could do it what they did!) and those who didn’t follow through or archive, their words or art were forgotten. So, don’t be forgotten! Tell your story in whatever way you must!

Achieve for greatness as Shakespeare said, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

I just thought I would share my all time favorite Beatles song (Across the Universe)! Enjoy! :)

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