6-Word-Story Contest

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Hemingway was known for this 6-word-story of his. When I thought about this, I kind of thought it would be hard to actually come up with 6 words that actually tell a story well. I held a contest on my facebook page, and actually had a great turnout for participants – but was only able to share some of them with you below. Please list your favorites below!

Just for kicks I will share with you a picture that my dad sent me via text and a 6-word-story that I wrote for this picture. My Dad was outside near the ditch by our house and these two little rowdy, rude little raccoons were hissing and growling at him. He told me he didn’t want to be too close, because Momma was no where to be seen.
“Baby Raccoons. Alone. Where is Mom?”

Kevin Olson:

  1. Man seeks locksmith.  Heart won’t open.
  2. The executioner whistled while he worked.
  1. My parents.
    Their pain.
    My wounds.
  2. I eat.
    Throw up.
    Start again.

Stephanie Pazicni Karfelt:

  1. Happily Ever After.  The End.  Not.
  1. Small White Dog, Found on Road.
 What about you? Which of these are your favorites? And, do you have any favorites written by other writers? Please be free to share! :)

4 thoughts on “6-Word-Story Contest

  1. This one is pretty great: Happily Ever After. The End. Not.
    This two are perfect for me:
    Megan’s baby: John’s surname, Jim’s eyes.
    By Simon Armitage

    “Apple?” “No.” “Taste!” “Adam?” “Oh, God”.
    By David Lodge

    I wrote about these here http://wp.me/p26fjD-4m

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