Attended Writing Workshop “Authorpreneurship – The Business of Creativity” and have been Writing again. It feels really good!

Hello Everyone in the World,

How have you all been? I have been completely busy getting ready for my sister to arrive in Brisbane, working, and writing here and there (although, to tell you the truth – I haven’t written much in the past few days until today and it feels really good!)

Today I went to the Australian Society of Author’s workshop “Authorpreneurship – The Business of Creativity”. It was an intense workshop for me and opened my eyes to some facts and lessons I really needed to hear. It was the kick in the behind that I needed. So, after the session I wrote, wrote, wrote for quite a long time. I also drew out some ideas. It felt really nice to have a pen in my hand again…

I decided I would take up a challenge for the next month of writing my novel “The Created Ones” by hand, because when I am on my computer I tend to get distracted very easily especially for that story. That challenge is also because over the next month I will probably not have as much time to be on the computer, since Cassidy will be here. Which, is good though – because I need a little break from the screen… don’t worry though – I will still have surprises for you on the blog here and new posts for you to read! :)

I am going to enter a contest with the Young Writers Award in Brisbane. Which the deadline is fast approaching, but i can do it. I will update you more later as well… here are some ideas and thoughts that I am thinking about right now.


Yes, you are probably thinking, “What Devin? Those ugly hairy things that hide under bridges in fairy tales?”

My response is well, you are kind of correct in your thoughts. But late last night an idea came to me and I remembered the troll that I saw in the window of the Norwegian cottage in the Minot North Dakota Scandanavian Park. It was hideous. And I had that same reaction when I was in Disney’s World of Norway and saw the trolls popping out of the water on the troll norway ride. They were scary… tell me what you think…


I mean, I can see why these would scare a little child with an overactive imagination.


Here is a little story for you… I was frightened by those ugly trolls with huge noses popping out from under the water in Disney World, but yet, I had a spot in my heart where I loved trolls. I loved these trolls, with their colourful hair and smiley faces; Their chubby little tummies with jewels of all colours. Some even had clothing. I remember my Dad would always find them someplace and bring them home for me… they were the best surprise as a little kid. A new troll to add to my troll family.

So, that got me thinking about a story. I can’t share any more than that with you, but here I found an artist online (John Bauer)  who did amazing drawings of trolls and they look like such friendly trolls. :) haha…  (be sure to check out some of his other work) I love it!
 I will leave you with that. But, please be sure to come back and check my blog again soon as I will have a guest artist and also a guest writer sometime soon. On the 23rd-27th I will be participating in a blog hop book giveaway! :) So be sure to come back and try win a copy of my book and I will post the link where you can try win books at other blogs as well!

What were your favorite folk tales that you enjoyed hearing about while you were young?  Or what were some folk tales that scared you when you were little?  

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