Quick update: Check out my guest post on “Seriously Write” Blog!

Hello Everyone, This is just a quick little update. I have not been able to put up a longer blog post in a few days because I have been really busy amidst everything happening over here. My sister came to visit me 3 days ago and her baggage got lost. We still haven’t gotten it yet! ARGH… I hate when that happens!!! Tomorrow my sister, boyfriend and, I are going to the Wednesday Market. I have been writing a lot the past few days. I have been tackling the creative beast of my novel in a different attack form… I have been writing by hand… and am almost done with my first notebook! I’ve found that my creative juices are running more crazily! It’s an exciting thing. Be sure to sign up for my give-away for the Blog Hop I am participating in (It’s good til the 27th! So, you can still sign up!!)

I got to be a guest blogger for the writing blog “Seriously Write”! :) Check it out and I hope you enjoy it!

I promise I will update you tomorrow sometime! Hope you are all doing wonderful!!!

How about you? Have you ever lost your luggage while traveling? Also when you are writing, do you ever write by hand instead of using your computer?

5 thoughts on “Quick update: Check out my guest post on “Seriously Write” Blog!

  1. I usually write by hand first and once the words start to flow, I move over to my computer. I use regular size legal pads and a rollerball-type pen. I like the smooth feel of the pen on paper. And I prefer a blue-black ink. Thanks for asking!

    • I know the feeling about the smooth feel of a comfy pen on paper… I actually can’t write with certain pens because I find them uncomfortable or just bad all together… So, I make sure it’s comfy. The worst thing that could happen is when I am writing my signature on the sales clerk receipt I accidently take the comfy pen… if it’s comfy… So… a note to all cashiers and people who want me to sign things… If it’s your favorite pen… don’t let me use it… It may just become my favorite pen and I might forget to give it back… lol… oh boy!

  2. Oh dear, I hope you get your sister’s luggage soon! I did lose my luggage once; the bag went to a completely different country, and what made it worse was that my laptop charger was in it. I had to endure a week without it.
    I rarely write by hand. The only times I do that is when I plot a story… which I rarely do, so my notebooks usually remain empty, haha.

    • Oh, boy that would really be annoying… about the bag flying to a different country than you were going to. :P Strange how things like that happen. This morning, the bags were finally delivered! Thank goodness!

      It’s soooo interesting hearing how other people write. I barely plot as well. But, I decided to try writing by hand for this one book so I wouldn’t get overly distracted… haha… my social media and such can be quite distracting sometimes.

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