Beach Day and the Blog Hop Give-away!

A lovely way to end a Aussie Day… :)

Sorry that I haven’t posted in the past few days! My sister, boyfriend, and I have been keeping busy! Yesterday we had a blast – we went to the beach “Mooloolaba” Moo-Loo-Lah-Bah (and let me tell you that name is really hard to pronounce – Cassidy had a tough time saying it as well… It was nice to know that I wasn’t the only one! As soon as we got to the beach we started putting sunscreen on so we wouldn’t get burnt, but right as I was rubbing some on my leg. My boyfriend grabbed me from behind and he ran while pulling me into the ocean. Let’s just say that it was absolutely cold and I was screaming and shivering! I was so cold… but it wasn’t so bad after your legs went numb. I guess it’s the ocean in the winter.

Beautiful Mooloolaba!

Then later we went to a friends house and had a bonfire. Music was playing in the distance and two of our friends were twirling fire. One blew fire as well. It was really Australian. One of our friends taught my sister how to twirl fire for the first time (We will upload a video later!). Then we played games. So, overall it was a nice Aussie chill night! :) Very relaxing evening filled with fire, friends, food, marshmallows, music, and games.

My Beautiful Sister!

I want to say thank you to everyone who signed up for my book giveaway contest and that I will draw the winner sometime this coming week! :) So keep coming back to check if you won! Oh and by the way also keep your eyes peeled for more opportunities for more giveaways.

Until next time,


Rushing waves hitting the rocks! :)

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