Buccaneer Blogfest 16-18th

Hello Everyone, I want to apologize that I am a tad bit behind on the Buccaneer Blogfest, but late is better than never, eh? Yesterday I was in a car all day and got back to Brisbane at a pretty late hour. We drove from the Blue Mountains so it took about 13 or so hours to get back to Brisbane. For the Buccaneer Blogfest I was supposed to post a paragraph from my work in progress. This is from my current work in progress, which currently has a working title. Hope you enjoy it though!! :) I am really excited about this story and the characters.

Dad always told us stories about the land below. He always told us the stories of his adventures in the land. Sure for some it may have been interesting or exciting, but to me it was frightening. Frightening, because I don’t want to leave the Mountain and go to the land below. I want to stay on this mountain forever, but Dad has made it known ever since I was little that I would follow in the families traditions, which meant that I also have to leave the mountain. It’s what our family line has been doing for as long as anyone can remember and is threaded deeply in our people’s history and culture. As soon as a boy becomes my age and finishes school, he must go down off the mountain and train. Even though I have fought against the idea ever since I was young, I must follow through because that is what we do. That is a Preventer’s life.

What do you think about it? Where do you think it is going? Let me know! :)

Today I am going to the Jersey Boy’s performance at the Theatre here in Brisbane. I will be sure to let you know how it went! I am excited about it. It’s hard to believe that Cassidy will be leaving. I will really miss her. Makes me miss my family.

For the Buccaneer Blogfest I am also supposed to introduce you to someone very important to me. His name is Dustin.

Devin: Hello Dustin, Thank you for joining me today! 

Dustin: Yes, no problem at all. 

Devin: What would you say the greatest step in your journey has been?

Dustin: Well, I am a Preventer. Some people may not know what that means, but putting it in simple terms – I am a warrior of sorts. I lived on a beautiful mountain, before I had to leave it to live with my uncle. He is also a Preventer, but he fell so much in love with the country below that he stayed with his wife.  I am currently taking a break from training. Not all of the people on the mountain are Preventers though and that is the part I was extremely jealous about. I kept asking myself, “Why me?” “Why do I have to leave when there are so many others that would just switch places with me in a heartbeat?” So, I would have to say that has been my greatest step. It was scary because you see – before that moment I had never been off the mountain much a like all the other guardian kids, but I had heard stories about all the gruesome and horrible things that happened – which no Guardian lives by or respects.

Devin: Yes, I can understand how that would have been hard. Even though there has been trial and heartache is there anything that you have really enjoyed? or learned while being at your Uncles?

Dustin: Yes! But, I haven’t been here long so I suppose I will be learning a whole lot more in a very short amount of time like about sword fighting and controlling my gifts and powers while surviving down here while trying to blend in without pulling to much attention my way.  

I have certainly enjoyed hearing my Aunt and Uncle’s stories. I can’t imagine having growing up like my Aunt. She had a tough child hood.

Devin: I always love listening to parents, family, and friend’s stories! Could you share with us her story? 

Dustin: Uh… sure, I guess. Well she was born with a magical gift where she can control things with music. She loves music so much that today she has music playing on her harp at all moments throughout the day. 

She had a brother and he also had a magical talent – although I really don’t know what his gifts were. There parents knew about his magic because he rebelled and lived the life. Her parents had at one time used their magic but said they would never use it ever again and because of that they pushed their son away. Not on purpose, but by accident. By doing so he ended up getting mixed up in a bad crowd or rather with one woman in particular. The people in that village new her as Lady Aaron – a witch of sorts. All awhile this was happening my Aunt was growing up and practicing her music and talents. Her parents praised her and loved her talent with music. Although they didn’t know that her music was her magic so they were fine with her magic because they were unaware of it’s true strength and purity. 

One horrible day she was sitting in the barn’s roof and looked through the open door from behind a hay stack. She could see her parents down below. They were working in the tree grove and garden. In the distance she could see 3 women in red capes walking their way. She identified them as the witches daughters. They started killing her parents in a gruesome way and when they started coming for her – that was the moment she was the most scared. 

Devin: Oh, my! I really can’t imagine how that would have been!

Dustin:  I know, me either. Because while growing up on the mountain we barely had such horrible things happen. If something bad happened the person would have been dealt with in a strict way. There is a story that my Dad told me when I was younger about two Convict Guardians. I am not sure if the story is real or if it is rather a folk lore or such. But the two Guardians went bad and started killing a few kids and because of that the guardian Preventers took them half way to the entrance of our mountain where there is a cave and it is very dark and cold there.  They were dealt with there.

Devin: How were they dealt with?

Dustin: They were turned into black trees that will always watch people go to and from the land below to the mountain as a reminder that they will never be able to see the mountain or be in total peace again.

Devin: Wow. Well, that is quite an interesting story. 

Dustin: Thanks, I am glad you are enjoying it. 

Devin: I really am! Thank you for joining us today, Dustin! 

Dustin: It was truly my pleasure!!

Let me know, what do you think about my character – Dustin? Are you interested in knowing more about him? Let me know what you think?

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3 thoughts on “Buccaneer Blogfest 16-18th

  1. It’s an interesting premise. There is potential for a real nail biter here. As you’re editing, move it from telling me to showing me, and that will liven everything up nicely.

  2. I am so late this week! Sorry about missing all the WIP posts, but I have read them, finally, today. I loved your idea here and I loved, loved this interview. I read the whole thing and was seriously saddened when I came to the end. Amazing story and from what I read in LIGHT BULB moment, you imagination matches your inspiration. Good, no Great, work:)

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