“The Light Bulb Effect” the moment I knew…

For the Buccaneer Blogfest, today I am supposed to share with you all the moment I experienced the “light-bulb” moment for my story.

I really like how the idea came about. First of all I am greatly inspired by the things that I see, hear, and experiences and in my dreams I see things all the time.

This story originally came from a dream. Of two human like yet supernatural people (almost like angels) who saved a little girl from these evil soldiers. The little girl was the secret to changing humanity.

I often thought of it in the sense of what if one person held all the abilities to change the complete human race. Then people could change who they are. So people could re-create themselves. I find it to be a story showing love and redemption. And also showing that we have a loving God who made us unique. I see so may people today wandering around trying to change themselves. They are not happy with the “them” that God created.

During the time I got the idea for the book I was taking my fiction writing Capstone course(final writing class in whole major). I wrote the first 8 chapters and I am amazed by how much it’s changed since then.

After writing about 60,000 some words I decided that it couldn’t be just one book… Because there were too many details and stories that needed to be told.

Then I started writing the first book and a few more characters became strong and well known to me. I ended up using inspiration from so dreams that I had, had when I w little. These three characters haunted my nightmares. The first story is majorly focused on life and choosing life over death and blessings ov curses. We all have choices to make in our lives and those choices will lead us to consequences. Eith ending in life or death.

So in a short answer – I seem to get many of my ideas from dreams and also from nature. For instance I just got back from the Blue Mountains and I got some amazing inspiration and ideas for my book.

2 thoughts on ““The Light Bulb Effect” the moment I knew…

  1. I love that you get your inspiration from dreams! My first novel started right from a dream, the morning of November 2, 2003. Ten days later I had a novel. An unbelievably crappy novel, but it was there :)

    • That’s awesome! All that matters is that you get it down on paper! At least then it’s all out in front of ya and you can work with it then! :)

      I have really crazy dreams about my characters sometimes so it’s pretty exciting! :)

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