The World’s Unfortunate Events….


Last night I saw statuses on Facebook about the shooting in Aurora Colorado. It’s the moments like this in life where you end up questioning things in the world. My sister, boyfriend, and I were watching the American News Broadcast on the coverage from Colorado. It was almost like a nightmare coming to life. Which is sad because it probably was a nightmare for those who wanted to see the movie and experienced that night.

Just a few days ago I went to “The Dark Knight Rises” with my boyfriend and sister. It was cutting edge and full of twists and turns! I only dream about strange events and characters when writing. But when something like this terrible event at the Theater in Colorado happens it blows my mind away because it’s like a villin from a book or horrid movie is on the loose. But the sad thing is that it’s for real. It gives me the shivers and my heart goes out to all of the people who had to go through that experience in that theater!! I can’t imagine sitting in a theater while watching something so intense while someone starts shooting people all around me. It would have taken me a while to grasp that ‘this is for real’. It’s moments like this that you are reminded that life is short and worth it. I heard a true story about a person who ended up dying in that theater from protecting his girlfriend. That is amazing and shows a true hero. His love for his love saved her life. We need to live like that… We need to live in love. And car for people around us spreading Christ’s light.

When events like this happen many people tend to be more on the negative side, but I really like what people have been saying about being positive and remembering the people’s stories. Why focus on the bad person when you can focus on the people who had lives like all of us. It makes me want to always remember the people’s lives, because they had dreams and stories to be told. While this bad man who wracked Havoc on the theater will only be remembered for the horrible acts he committed on innocent people in a theater.

But deep inside my stomache I feel the pain for all the people involved and the people who lost loved ones. If anyone reading this post knew anyone or was involved I am greatly sorry and am praying for you all.

I will post again soon! God Bless!!

Devin Berglund

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