Finding Inspiration in the Mountains of Azul

I just got back from visiting the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. My sister, boyfriend, and I went to Sydney first for a few days and later me up with a few friends in Katoomba. I loved Katoomba! It felt like we had just driven into another era. The train station was a cute one you’d imagine could be seen on the English Country-side. After finding something to eat we decided to head over to Scenic World where we would be able to see the “Three Sisters” well!


I hadn’t ever heard of the “The Three Sisters” until we were planning the trip and still I didn’t really know the story behind them! If you know anything about Australia- there are stories behind everything! The Aboriginal Tales of The Three Sisters is about three sisters from one tribe. The elder of their tribe was trying to protect them from the other tribe so he turned them into stone! A battle broke out between the two tribes and the elder was killed. So he wasn’t able to ever turn them back from the stone. So there they stand today!

We stayed at a very nice house that we rented in the country. It was so relaxing. There was a fireplace. All night we played games and enjoyed one another’s company. That night I slept so well. It reminded me of back home in Minnesota cuddled up in my covers with no noise. The silence was almost like a lullaby to me. Didn’t realize how much I missed it. But, it was super amazing to sleep that well again.

There were moments in the Blue Mountains where I was walking on a pathway and I felt my character’s presence. Now, I can imagine a few people think that might sound a bit odd… but I felt the story. I know it’s there.

While in the Blue Mountains I kept thinking about a few of my characters from my book! Especially Dustin, since he lived on a mountain! Another thing that truly sparked my imagination was our second day in the Blue Mountains! We drove to Jenolan Caves. There is a part in my story where Dustin is walking through the mountain entrance and the cave is the first impression of the land below! Cold, sharp, dark, and scary!

I mean what would you think of the world – if you hadn’t ever been off a mountain and then all of a sudden when you are leaving the mountain you walk through a cave – what would your first impression of the “World” be like?  


I greatly grab inspiration from all around me while I travel!

Do you get inspiration from traveling? Do you travel?

I know a few different answers I could get from this question! A few being “Devin, I can’t travel because I don’t have enough time or money!”

I have an answer for that though! It doesn’t matter where you are or how much money or time you have! What matters is – do you want to travel? Do you want an adventure?

If the answer is yes, then here are a few things you can do to spread your wings out on an adventure!

  1. Adventure under my nose? 
    Seek inspiration where you are! :) At work? At School? OR on a long drive from one part of the country to another part of the country. Make vlogs along the way. Make your daily life an adventure! When my boyfriend and I went on a road trip back home in America last summer – every few hundred miles we drove we tried to make a new video. In our eyes it felt like we were documenting our adventure.
  2.  Start Picture Noting – I recently started picture noting! All you have to do is have a camera and things around you that inspire you! Take pictures of places that could be in your novel! See people crossing a busy intersection? Or a little elderly man resting on a bench in a park? Take pictures of the things that can bring to life certain moments in your writing! I usually just do this with my iPhone! :)
  3. Take a different route home – who knows? You might find a neat cafe you will love visiting to escape busyness or you may find a relaxing park where you can go after long days!
  4. Read a book – this one is probably a Der-Devin Moment since we all know that when you read you can take adventures you probably couldn’t otherwise!
  5. Write Down Everything when you get an idea! At least before you lose the ideas!
  6. Borrow inspiration from people, things, stories, places, and people! Borrow ideas and make them your own.

What do you do to funnel your inspiration?

Where do you go to get inspired? Do you have a special spot?

Have you ever done picture noting? Or do you have any other ways that capture ideas and inspiration?

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