Words – choosing them?

So, I am procrastinating. Johan is working on his architecture drawings while I was reading a NextGenWriter’s Conference Update on writing the Middle of your story. It was really interesting and has made me think about some questions for my novel. Really, I should be writing my novel, but I thought I would post quick on a topic that I saw floating around facebook earlier today. A writer asked what people think about using bad words in your writing.

I have a pet peeve with this for a few reasons.

First off, using F-bombs and other swear words don’t improve your writing and make it stronger. Whenever I come across something that has been written like this with swear words in every sentence I picture my teacher back in Minnesota saying that “Frequent swear words don’t make you a better writer.” I totally agree with this statement.

Now I know that Stephen King and many other writers use swear words. I personally wouldn’t ever use swear words unless my character speaks that way. And to tell you the truth I don’t really like reading stories with a lot of swearing in it. Sometimes it distracts from the story.

What are your thoughts, everyone?

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5 thoughts on “Words – choosing them?

  1. I may have an old school opinion about this, but here goes. When a person uses swear words in every other sentence, I think they must have a very limited vocabulary. I have always encouraged my children to come up with real words to explain what they are feeling. So for a writer to use them seems extremely skewed. Writers are supposed to be collectors of words. Why would you limit your writing and your characters in that way.

  2. My thought is that there are so many colourful words to describe things and to get your point across they are not needed. I have read a few books were you don’t notice the words, maybe because it is part of the character and you would expect it. One thing that bugs me, is the person who seems like a junior high kid, who thinks he is cool by throwing in the word he just learned? It just makes the author look stupid.

    • Very true also! There have been a few books that I’ve read where one character may swear some here and there and it doesn’t even phase me as a reader. So that is the best case scenario with those words but it’s something that bugs me when young people use it every few words in a sentence.

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