Reasons your feelings could help you write believable characters

Hello Everyone,

How have you all been? I have been great! Busy, but great!

I am going to do a fun excersice tonight on here. I read recently in an article of a cool way to feel what your character is feeling. What you have to do is think of certain times where you experienced different things. Such as: The first time you rode a bicycle. Or the first time you kissed someone. And then you write about it and be sure to be descriptive and share how you felt, what you remember, and your senses.

  1. to lose someone you care for/Love…
    -Feels like I’m stuck outside of time
    -People rush past, while I’m on the side of their rushing
    -Heart feels broken in unknown ways
    -Their face pops up in memory, they smile and laugh while I find myself in disbelief that they are no longer here
  2. to be heartbroken…
    -A pain in the heart almost as bad as the kind a person feels when someone close to them dies – except they didn’t die… they left.
    -Hunger pains evaporate
    -Dark Room; Blankets over head with pillow tightly in arms

These are only two examples… These two are from my past.

Now it’s your turn… Leave a comment with a similar thought “to have your first kiss, to walk down the isle on your wedding day, to sing happy birthday to your crazy cousin’s pet iguana… yeah… well, be creative! :P hehe…


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