Hello Everyone,


My story’s hook: 

When Dustin leaves home to train with his uncle, a strange person shows up with a mysterious message throwing him into a magical adventure playing hide-n-seek with life and death.  (What do you think?)

It’s been a few days since I last posted. Sorry it’s been awhile. I really hate it when I can’t blog because I am busy. This will just be a quick update as I have to get some other things done, I love the picture up above.

I have been working on a query letter for my book. This week will be another busy week. Here is my to do list.

  1. Write 3 guest blog posts
  2. Send guest posts in and cross my fingers
  3. Aim at writing 14,000 words for my book from 13-19th (WISH ME LUCK… also if you could be praying for me, it would really mean a lot as in this book I will be digging deep.)
  4. Looking for a job
  5. Get farther in reading the new book I bought! I really love it so far!! :) It is written by Kate Morton (an Australian writer.) Check the book out!  Watch the video!
  6. Work out! (as I read in this blog entry what good is it being a bestselling writer and flunking out of life… I don’t want that! I want to be healthy.) Read it! :)

Writing fight scenes… how do you do it?

Do you have any url sites for me that I could look at?

I will be writing some fight scenes with magic in them and any help on fight scene writing would be greatly appreciated

3 thoughts on “Hello Everyone,

  1. Regarding fight scenes, it might depend on whether they’re viewed in first-person or third-person, the scale of the battle and the “pace”, if you will. Open warfare’s going to be a different animal, say, a couple of snipers trying to outfox one another.

    And whatever you do, don’t stoop to Raymond Benson’s level of dull. That guy actually got to novelise the videogame Metal Gear Solid (known in part for its eye-candy cut-scenes) and reduced the fights to uninteresting descriptions along the lines of “Snake used his trademark one-two punch.”

  2. I like your hook, especially the “playing hide-and-seek with life and death” part! :) Good luck with your goals! :D

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