August Rush…

Have you seen that movie? It’s a good one, isn’t it? If you haven’t seen it, I have included the trailer below (but, that doesn’t mean you are excused from seeing the movie. Go out and rent it. Call up your friends and have a movie night, because this one’s worth it.):

Doesn’t it speak to you? When I first saw it I was hooked with the magical story-line and vibrant characters. Whenever I see such an amazing movie – it makes me think about my characters and story. I want it to speak to people on the page like “August Rush” did on the screen.

But, yes – I just thought of how quick the month August has come… Can you believe it’s August already? I really can’t believe it! *Mouth gapes open* Time seems to zoom past too quickly. This month is going to be a full on one.

I am going to finish my novel! I’ve come up with the title name for the first book in my Created One’s Series! You want to know what it is?? Well, I can’t share it with you all at this very moment. I first want to reach “100 followers” on my blog. Then I will share with you all an excerpt of my book and also the title of it.

Now, that is where you come in. Could you help me out and share my blog with your friends. Writerly friends or non-writerly friends! Either works. :) The people to get the most to join – may just WIN something. :)

This next week will be a busy one, because of my writing schedule. A writer’s conference I will be attending, and looking for a new job.

Let’s get to 100 Followers (fill out this and have a chance at winning something!)