Your Voice WILL Change The World

You have a Voice… That Can Change the World

Hello Everyone,

Did you all know, that Britain gave a gift of a Winston Churchill bust to America after September 2001, because they have been one of our closest allies since World War II. And did you know that Obama returned it to Britain? He returned it. And on top of that he lied that he didn’t know where it went. Then it finally came out that he lied. I just heard about this a few days ago when I listened to a video having to do with the new movie “2016” and it really bugged me when I heard this… because I don’t believe that Obama had that right. Winston Churchill is a big influence to American history going all the way back to World War II.

This all has a purpose I promise… but, I want to come to you all today on a topic that is very close to my heart for more than one reason.

I have seen so many people stating that they are not going to vote at all this election.

I believe that is a horrible choice. Choosing not to vote wont help America become better. So why do it?

I’ve always been told that those who don’t vote don’t have a right to whine about it after the election because they actually didn’t contribute. Their one vote could have changed the world. I think that is something so many people don’t see… YOU… YOU HAVE A VOICE. And your voice (your vote) could change America for the better. I want to encourage you all – VOTE… do your research and vote.

Have any of you seen the new movie “2016”? I want to encourage you to watch it if you haven’t. 

Also, on the note of voting… living as an American expat in Australia I have seen many things that I hadn’t realized before. Many American’s don’t know that we “America” are not just affecting our own country – we are affecting the world, because so many countries look up to America. I don’t think Obama even knows that either… And it’s pathetic… as an American abroad I am embarrassed by him.

When I say I am an American – I am not talking about the America you see today… I am talking about the America that was settled “In God We Trust” and our Founding Fathers. If any of those presidents could see where our country is today… that would be driven mad, because they worked so hard to get America to were it was… and what do we want to do? I am talking about the America that many people from ALL OVER THE WORLD fled for FREEDOM and a new start!

Do we want America to not be America anymore? I don’t! I want the true America to stand up again. And for her to do that –

We (America) Needs You… 

I believe that this will be the most important election in America’s history.

I really, really want to encourage you to research and vote… because your voice will make a difference. One voice always does make a difference. 

On another note with being in Australia… Australian’s have to vote… if they don’t they are fined. And to tell you the truth… I think they have some truth in that. Not that people should be fined… but that people need to vote. If people don’t, then what is the purpose of an election?? Or bettering a country if the people don’t care. We need to care. Use your voice and vote. See you on Election Day.

Please watch these videos, they are very interesting and true!
Glenn Beck talk with Dinesh D’Souza Part 1
Glenn Beck talk with Dinesh D’Souza Part 2
Glenn Beck talk with Dinesh D’Souza Part 3

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