Murdering Fiction Master-Class

Today I went to a writing workshop at the Brisbane Writer’s Festival called “Murdering Fiction”. I was really excited about this class because I have never done crime or thriller writing. But, I know that I will soon in the near future, because I’ve been having some wicked dreams as of late.

This ended up a little blurry. I will be sure to have someone else take another picture. But, yes… I loved this heart made of books. This was right before my workshop “Murdering Fiction”.

I honestly was upset when the workshop was over… Okay let me be completely honest 20 minutes in I was talking to myself (inside my mind of course) and saying, “This is boring.” or “This writer is really drab and boring.” I would have to say it was the worse workshop on writing that I have ever been to. I hate it when you go to a workshop and then you end up with a writer who is teaching it – who is not very good. It was a downer – here I had been waiting for some knowledge and pointers on how to go about structuring and writing good crime/thrillers… and the teacher ended up being very, very boring.

Uffda. haha… I hope tomorrow’s class is amazing. I believe my writing class tomorrow will be focused on world building in Fantasy books. I can’t wait. :)

I better go to bed, because I am sooo tired. Colds have been flying about through Queensland these past few months and I don’t want to get sick. I will talk to you all later… My pillow is calling me.

Will write again soon.



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