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I know why I have always loved writing… and also why I had loved reading ever since I was little. It was a chance where I was able to escape. Yep, escape from the things around me to a different place where people understood me… yes, those people are characters, but I definitely thought they understood me. My favorite stories to read were in particular – ones involving different worlds and characters who had magical properties.

My all time favorite was “The Chronicles of Narnia” and It actually made me wish that there had been a doorway at the back of my closet and believe me, I checked quite a few times to later find myself crying in my closet that the door to Narnia was closed to me. C.S. Lewis was the writer who made me want to write.

Today was the last day of the Brisbane Writer’s Festival and I went to a writer’s session where three well known authors spoke about writing with a hint of magic. The three authors were : Eowyn Ivey  who wrote The Snow Child, Joanne Harris Who wrote the famous book Chocolate, and an Australian Author known as Kate Forstyth whose newest book, Bitter Greens is out. I really enjoyed this hour long session listening to these authors speak about how they incorporate magic into their real world stories and that is the thing that I so love about writing conferences and workshops – the people think like me… Forsyth said, “Words are magic.”  and I totally agree with that.

I absolutely love it when authors know you are a writer too and they personalize your book with a note of encouragement for your writing! :)

Forsyth spoke about what inspired her to write Bitter Greens, which made me go to the store to buy her book. I can’t wait to read it. She spoke about how she wrote it in the real world, not in fairy tale world, because for people it’s easier to see the magic when it’s in that sort of a situation.

As a young child, a dog attacked her, biting through her tear duct and into her brain. One day her mother dropped off a gift for her, which was a little red book of “Grimm Brother’s Fairy Tales” she said that, that book got her through her time in the hospital, but out of all the stories the one that resided with her the most was Rapunzel. She said, “The thought that Rapunzel’s tears healed the prince amazed me, because my tear duct had been punctured which meant i cried a lot.” Forsyth also spoke about how today we all have fortresses holding us imprisoned, it may not be a tower, but it may be a shack in a backyard, a controlling household, or any kind of situation in life that holds us in fear. Her story Rapunzel follows three Points of View from the Witch, Rapunzel, and the woman who originally wrote the story Rapunzel. I am honestly very excited to read this book.

Me and Joanne Harris, Author of famous book Chocolat! :)

It’s just so interesting that so many other writer’s read and write to escape.

Yesterday’s session at the Writer’s Festival was with Kate Forsyth as well, she spoke about “Building Castles in the Air” – it was a wonderful session where we learned about narrative arc and world building. I will most definitely write more about it later.

I promised a better picture of the book heart! :)

After the first session today, I went to a writing race. We wrote straight for an hour and being competitive in writing I typed as fast as I could, always remembering what an Author Friend once told me, “Don’t stop writing, keep spilling the words… don’t stop… keep typing.” And that is what I did the whole hour, I wrote exactly 2,013 words in an hour which brought me to Second Place!! :) The whole group wrote about 19,000 words in total during the hour. This really amazed me that I wrote that amount in only an hour. It’s an awesome way to get a lot written in a short amount of time! Because if I wrote 2 hours a day at that speed I would have written 4,026 words or even better if I wrote 4 hours a day (at 8,000 some words) I would finish my novel in 10 days. I probably wouldn’t do the 8,000 some words goal, but to know that I can type/write that fast I decided that I need to write fast enough to get done with the story.

I like this writing race idea… would anyone be interested in a writing race with me?? If so please comment below that you are interested. It would be exciting to have some writing racers to race along with me! :)

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