Remembrance… September 11th, 2001

I remember…

It was just like any other day. I sat in my second hour period science class in 7th grade. Mr T. entered the room with another teacher. She whispered in his ear, which was weird. I scrunched my eyebrows wondering what was going on and why these teachers were acting so strangely. Without saying a word, Mr T. made his way to the Television in the front of the classroom. My first thought was, oooh, maybe we will get to watch a cartoon in class this week. Because sometimes we got to do that! But then my mind quickly changed when the teacher in the back spoke up, “It’s on channel 7, well…” she paused, “It’s probably on every channel.” I looked back at the television screen to see the news-broadcaster speaking in a stressed tone. Behind her on the screen was a image that would from that day on never leave my mind. It was the Twin Towers. But it wasn’t a shot of the Twin Towers that you saw in many of the Hollywood films that distinguished that the setting of the movie was New York. It was a real life image of dark smoke looming upward from the first tower. I couldn’t believe it. Almost wondered if it was a joke, mainly because it was so hard to believe that this was happening during my life. My dad had gone to New York a few years before and he went to a gift shop inside the World Trade Center and got me a little bronze statue of liberty. I loved that souvenir and it still sits on my shelf at home to this day.

That day had a huge impact on America and all of her citizens. It was a day where students got out of class early. A day where most people spent the majority of their time glued to the television. It was a day that brought fear and anxiety. It was a week where if by chance you saw a plane flying in the sky you were afraid it was going to bomb your school or state buildings. Many people were affected so strongly they pledged they would never fly again.

But, that is the thing… my heart cries out for my country deeply. That day was meant for fear and anxiety. People attacked us when we least expected it and wanted us to be afraid.

I didn’t personally know anyone who was affected first hand by the traumatic events of 911 in New York, but this event in a way affected all American’s in one way or another first hand. It left a deep spot in my heart, but not one of fear. It was a deep spot of being proud of who I am. I saw many people come together and work to build America up again.

I pray that for the next four years. I pray that America, my lovely country will stand up true and strong – who she was set up to be from the beginning… “One Nation Under God…” It will always be. America was founded on God’s soil. :) So, I know the next four years will be blessed… God is in Control!

This is a part from the movie “Luck of the Irish”, but it’s a song from the end. I’ve always loved it.

Also here is a clip from the movie “Remember Me…” I really cried when I saw this bit from the movie… I didn’t expect it.

America will stand… No one can mess with her, because whether people like it or not – she is under God’s wing… God Bless America.

Love, Devin <3

How about you? What were you up to at that very exact same moment? Tell me your story… 

3 thoughts on “Remembrance… September 11th, 2001

  1. I remember talking to daddy on the phone and tell him about the first plane, because their was no TV at the office. I remember saying, Oh No, it looks like a another plane just hit. I could not believe it! it was so Surreal! I was so happy when you guys all got home from school!
    I am so proud of our history and the Founding Fathers, and what they believed and the vision they had for our country!
    We need to have more Faith in God now, and stand up for the truth!
    I believe we all need to be praying for the country and world!
    Love you so MUCH!

    • :) I am very proud of our history and heritage as well! And I hate that some people try to change the history books… our land was set on faith. Which is so true!

      Yeah, I was happy to be home that day too… It was scary!

  2. I had fallen asleep with the T.V. on late the night before. I was awakened by the troublesome tones coming from the speakers of the T.V. set. With no glasses on , my sleep weary eyes managed to perceive the Twin Towers With smoke rolling out from the upper stories. I though how dare they make a movie like that about a city like New York, with so many people living there. They might give some crack pot ideas ; and why is there a movie on so early in the day? I went right back to sleep with a twinge in my heart hoping it was not real. After a bit more sleep I woke once more to see it was still playing the same thing, but now I was seeing a plane flying into the side of the tower while it was still billowing out smoke. Now I heard the announcer’s words. Now I knew it was really happening. More baffled than horrified at this point I listened to the no flight mandate that had been issued. Being a single mom there is always too much to do. So stifling my shock I got on with it. I had an appointment at the court house in Grand Forks ND. I also needed to get a new water heater. As we drove east and past Northwood we saw a small yellow airplane flying low. There were not supposed to be any plane in the air. I wondered if it could be another hijacked plane. My first stop was to get that water heater ordered. The lady behind the counter was of course wanting to talk about the horror. I said ” I wouldn’t want to be here from from the middle east today, it could get really bad for them.” She said ” It better not!” I said “you know it will. There will be some people who will want to avenge this all on anyone from over there.” She was silent, more afraid and worried than before. When we arrived at the courthouse the place was open but surrounded by security. No life has not been the same since. Paranoia rules the land. We must overcome it. We must find a way to live in peace with the various peoples of the world. We need to remain strong. We cannot forget that vigilance and vengeance are two different things.

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