No it’s not okay…


Over the last week I watched the series Pretty Little Liars and found it an intriguing story about a group of girls who are trying to solve the murder of their best friend while getting messages, letters, and emails from a person called A… While this person writes like their friend who is dead, “A” seems to know everything about them.

I really enjoyed this show – but my thoughts about it changed when all of a sudden and very innocently one of the character befriends a new girl and slight “red-flags” were alarming themselves to me… “Okay, something is weird here.” or “What? No… Why are they holding hands?” and then it dawned on me that the characters were gay.

I thought that the show would get back on track, because at first the character liked a boy and was dating one, but as the tv-show progressed it kept getting more pushy. The thing that bugged me was how I felt like when I watched it – I felt like everyone in the show was accepting it as okay… the friends were all fine with it. I mean I know there are some people that are okay with it – But, I am not. The other thing that bugged me was that I felt I was being forced to see these things while my mind screamed out on how wrong it was and caused me to hit the forward button because… I am sorry, but I really don’t want to watch two girls making out. I don’t stand for that. For the past week I haven’t been watching it, but I’ve felt gross for seeing those things. I felt like because I was watching it and no one stood against it in the show that I accepted the act. I do not accept it though, which is what bugged me.

Here you have an amazing storyline and characters who are interesting, but then making a hidden agenda… what is this doing to young people who have no leaders or mentors or parents to teach them it is wrong? What kind of impact is this leaving on the people watching the tv show? Is it telling them it is okay to be lesbian or gay? I strongly appose on this topic.

What do you want your kids learning from television? Do you want them seeing things that they can’t unsee? Do you want them having thoughts that make them think they are gay because what they watched tricked them into accepting it?

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