This is Clamillda My Baby Word-Count Dragon…

Photo Credit : mightykatara deviant art

Hello Everyone,

It’s only two days till NaNoWrimo begins and I have decided to find something that would push me to write everyday. I am going to reward myself everyday by doing something for myself. I need to start going to the gym… so, that will be one of the things that I will poke Johan and I to do.

This adorable little creature in the photograph is my word-count dragon. And through out November you will see her glow, glitter, and grow.

I just recently read something on the Nano site about word-count dragons and how you have to keep writing because YOUR wordcount feeds your dragon… and well, we all know what happens when you don’t feed your dragon. You end up with an antsy, grumpy, and fiesty fire blowing or ice blowing dragon, depending on what kind of dragon they are. (who may just eat you, if you aren’t careful.)

I have decided to name my dragon Clamillda. She is a gold-ish pink dragon that lives in the mountains near the sea villages in the country of my story. At the moment she is just a baby (I am sure you can tell… hehe). But her mother has been missing in action. She was the fearless beast that ravaged treasures and ancient lands golden ceremonial ground. The pirates off the coast hunted her down in search for their treasure – they were quite sick of arriving at empty treasures. They found the mother and killed her, but have yet to find her cache of gold or little Clamillda. Will they find her?

Add me on NaNoWrimo and I will be your buddy too.

What about you? What is your Word-Count Dragon’s name? Tell me their story?


6 thoughts on “This is Clamillda My Baby Word-Count Dragon…

  1. I’ve never had a word-count dragon before . . . perhaps I ought to invest in one this year, it might scare away my muse and let me actually finish one story before another one pops up! :)

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