Writing Groups, Pray, NaNoWrimo & Love

Hello Everyone, How have you all been? This will be a quick post because it is currently 1:30am here… I just wanted to say that I finally caught up on my word count today for my NaNoWrimo Novel… oh man, I am sure half of it will need to be edited. Am I thankful though that you are allowed to write a crappy first draft! Thank goodness! :)

I joined a writing group here in Brisbane and absolutely love it. It’s the best writing group I have been a part of… well, it’s the only constant writing group I’ve been a part of and by constant I mean that they meet every week. I got a brilliant idea for a new story this wednesday when we did a writing prompt! I loved the free-flowing feeling I got from just writing and creating something from something so random.

Also I am planning on doing some research this week on writing fight scenes… I am horrible at it and there are a few of my characters who will need to fight some… this is a random thought, but I thought I would share it with you all.

Also as I am sure the whole world knows that Obama got re-elected as president again for 4 more years. I am not happy about that at all, but I will remain positive because my God is greater than all the problems combined in the world. That also means that God is bigger and wiser and way better than Obama. God  knows how to run the world and take care of us amidst anything and everything, so I will trust in him (In God We Trust)… I know America will have a Great Awakening soon! Watch these two videos… they are awesome… This song is called the Great Awakening and is sung by Leeland! :) I really like Leeland!

This is my cry and prayer for my lovely country, America and that American’s eyes will be opened to this too. :)

Much love to you all,

I will update you all very soon on other things! :)

Current WIP Word-Count Total: 55, 241

NaNovel Word-Count Total- 13, 168

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