The Judgement & Wrath of Tom

The Judgment & Wrath of Tom*

How do you deal with mean people?

I am not a fan of mean people! But, who is? Have you ever been at the brunt of a mean person’s name calling?
It’s just one think I really do not quite understand. Why are some people mean?

just recently I had a run in with someone and they were completely rude and mean. I didn’t even say anything in order to get treated that way.

(*name has been changed.)

How do you deal with mean people?

6 thoughts on “The Judgement & Wrath of Tom

  1. You be as polite and nice as humanly possible. It might hurt the first few times, but it takes two to argue, and when you don’t respond coldly, rudely, in anyway that can be construed as antagonistic – they look foolish. Most normal people will realize this and stop, sometimes they even apologize. If not, at least it slows them down.
    Make yourself give them the benefit of the doubt. You never know what is going on in someone else’s life. Even when someone cuts you off in traffic – maybe they’re running to the hospital to be at someone’s deathbed.
    I’ve never regretted this attitude, and it has only failed me once – when faced with a mentally unbalanced person – and even in that instance it was the smart thing to do.
    Good luck with it!
    (PS – And if you’re talking about returning something at a store, handling contractors, etc., you still be polite and non-confrontational, but stand your ground firmly, quietly and calmly.)

  2. I was teased all through school, about my hair, my marks (I was smart, apparently), my name… everything. One particular girl was really nasty to me. She was a year ahead but we shared roll call as our names were similar. One day, she broke her ankle and came to school using crutches. Outside the classroom, she struggled to pick up her bag so I offered to do it for her (God knows why). She looked at me, surprised, and accepted the offer. Neither she nor her friend teased me ever again. True story, and the nicest bully story I know.

    These days I tend to wish mean people a happy day; they’ve obviously got some crap going on that they need to tend to.

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