I Finished The Book!

YAY! This last weekend I went away to a writer’s retreat with my boyfriend. We got a lot of writing done. I finished my book!! How exciting. There were moments when I thought it wasn’t possible. At times I swear it felt like a maze and to tell you the truth I would avoid mazes and puzzles as a child, because man they are difficult. Aren’t they? Or is it just me, who doesn’t like coming to a dead end on a maze (especially if it’s a real life maze and you are running through it trying to find the way out. I was in one in Montana last summer and it seriously took us 2 hours to get out of the maze… no lies. It’s truth.)

Or finding a puzzle piece that almost fits into the puzzle so I squeeze it in only to find out (or be told later by someone else that it doesn’t fit.)  Haha… thus is my life. but, yes I will get back on track. I really found that I enjoy my characters and when I have gotten to a dead end – I step back and bump into a character and they tell me something completely crazy that I didn’t know before. So I guess all pain is gain! :)

I still feel like there is a lot to do ahead of me. This week I am going to do the first run through edit – which I am raving about inside my head. And when I say raving about… I don’t mean that my thoughts are dancing and dancing to techno music with strobe lights radiating off all the walls. This rave is more on a frightening note. lol…

This is just a short update. What began over a year ago as another book ended in a first draft of 75,467 words. I am sure that it will grow as I edit. But Yes, I am so glad that a few months ago I decided to turn the book I was writing a year ago into a trilogy. Which this book I just finished is the first book. So, I had first been writing the 2nd book.

Hope you all have been great! I will update again soon. I am adding some pictures from the weekend at North Stradbroke Island. I will update with more as it was a beautiful Island, once I get Johan’s pics put on my computer. :)

At the Port waiting for the Ferry on the first day – November 23rd, 2012.

Awesome sign on our villa during the day.

Writer at work in the tropics. This place has really grown on me.

I am so blessed with this awesome man in my life. Thank you Jesus. <3

Postcard perfection…

Returning to the Port on the last day. Look at that glorious blue-green water! :) I got so many story and setting ideas from this weekend for the third book in the series that I am writing. :) November 25th, 2012.


I am attaching a thank you letter here.

I am so grateful and thankful for everyone that has been so encouraging for me during this whole writing process for my book.

  • Johan – The love of my life, I couldn’t have done it without your belief in me and the nudges along the way. (Ones that I needed!) I really look forward to going through the editing process with you. :) AND I love you, Greatly! :)
  • Momma & Daddy – You two have always stood next to me – telling me that I can achieve anything. And you two were right. Those stars were reachable. :) You two were the best parents in the world and are still the best! :)
  • Cassidy & Tony – Cassidy thank you for your help and ideas when I am writing or brainstorming. And Tony, thanks for always reading my books – it’s so encouraging to actually see the biggest book worm in the world interested in my stories. :) You two are amazing! :)
  • Grandma Doris & Grandpa Beuford –  Grandma your stories were one of the reasons that I wanted to be a story-teller and you always encouraged me to write. Grandpa Beuford, I never got to know you because you went before I was born, but I found a great delight in going through your and grandma’s love letters from the Great Depression along with your stories that you had written and placed in that black wooden box. :) I love you both even though you are not on earth any longer. You have placed a footprint on my heart that will never disappear.
  • Grandpa Dennis & Grandma Ruby – Grandpa, you and grandma were always encouraging with my petal girl stories. :) I greatly miss you. Grandma thank you for always encouraging me as a writer. :) love you!
  • My Dear Lord Jesus, that deserves praise for the story that I just finished. I actually recieved the idea of this book from him in a dream. It was exciting. I will be sure to blog on this at a later time so that you all know how this story came about.
  • ALL OF YOU – It means so much to me to have a following on here. To know that 115 people are following my blog and adventures is such a great pleasure and surprise to me. I guess one may think their life isn’t so interesting that people would want to read about it. But I am so happy you are all here. If you weren’t it wouldn’t be as fun. I hope you all enjoy my blog and it means so much to have you visit. :)

Speak Again Soon! :) 

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