My Christmas Carol

Christmas tree this year. :)

Christmas tree this year. :)

Ghost of Christmas Past

I love Charles Dickens! My favorite work by him is The Christmas Carol. So, I have decided that over the next few days leading up to Christmas I would visit the Ghost’s of my Christmas Past.

The Christmas tree was strung with lights as Christmas music played loudly from the other room. Each of us had a mug of hot chocolate not far away. Tony, Cassidy, and I sat between huge plastic containers as we waited for our parents to hand us the ornaments one by one. It was then that each ornament would remind us of a special moment in the past – like a time machine bringing us back with just a glance. It wasn’t just a bulb.

My three favorite christmas decorations are one little one of a baby bear, it was my first Christmas ornament. Another was a pipe cleaner Christmas tree I made at my baby-sitter’s house when I was little (for my Mom.) and then the other was a belle shaped ornament I made my Dad in Middle School.

Another of my favorites is our pickle. Some of you are probably wondering what I mean about a pickle… haha… well, for as long as I remember it’s been in our family tradition that one person hides the pickle ornament in the tree and who ever finds it on Christmas Eve can open the first present.

The weeks leading up to Christmas were also involved with baking – we baked many cookies. Rolling the gingerbread and sugar cookie dough out flat on the table before we took cookie cutters to them. What had once been a straight long flat piece of dough was now the shape of a little man or woman. After cooking the cookies they filled the house with a lovely warm smell for the rest of the week. Sometimes Gingerbread houses were a part of the fun. Check out this URL for one of my favorite Christmas Cookies. :) YUM… you won’t regret making them! Be sure to scroll down in the link, so you can see what they look like!

While in Middle School and High School, I remember going to our church group where we would also bake cookies and then go door to door to elderly people’s houses to sing carols like The First Noel, Silent Night, Hark the Herald, Joy to the World and then after we’d give them some cookies. There were times that we would all cuddle up in blankets on the back of a sleigh ride pulled by horses.

Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh. Over the fields we go laughing all the way.

On Christmas Eve, before opening presents one of us in the family would read the Christmas story (found in Luke 2). It was then that we would open the gifts – alternating each one between the 5 of us. Smiles, Laughter, and Joy filled the room. But much of my childhood we spent going from one grandparents house to the next with the presents. It was our Christmas. I loved our Christmas.

This year, I will be having my second Aussie Christmas. Which, my first one was nice and I know this one will be too… but, you know what? December doesn’t feel like December without snow. Little kids playing out in the snow making snow angels, building snow men and forts, while having snow wars. That is always how I saw Christmas and the Christmas Season. This song makes sense!

Have a lovely Christmas and blessed season with your loved ones!

(Love you Momma, Daddy, Tony, Cassidy, and Grandma! Have safe travels to Tony’s and have a great Christmas – wish we could all celebrate together this year!)

What about you? What are some of the things you remember from your Christmas Past?

One thought on “My Christmas Carol

  1. Love you too! Have a great Christmas and make some wonderful memories! We leave for Tony’s on Thursday! It will be interesting and a new adventure!
    One of my favorite Christmas growing up was when I had the flu and so sick. Christmas day came and I felt better, Mom and Dad had hide my gifts all over the house. I got my favorite doll and mom had made her dresses that matched dresses I had!

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