Editing Away With The Wind



A few things I have learned at 51 Minus 11 

Today was a full day of reading. YES… I managed to read 11 chapters of my manuscript! It was intense… and I plan on reading more tomorrow.

I just thought I would leave you all with a short list of what I have learned today. (posts have been a bit shorter lately because of my crazy writing and editing schedule… but I will be having some guest posts shortly from great writers and artists.)

  1. Read Through… make sure you read your manuscript to make sure you are finding where your plot holes are. If you find a plot hole don’t start writing it as soon as you find it (in your first read through). Make sure to jot a note down on a notepad next to you.
  2. After each chapter… think of a 1-2 sentence summary of that chapter and write it down on index cards. So that once you are done you can look back and see if you are missing something or if certain spots need more or less.
  3. If you use an iPad… let me introduce you to an amazing app that is just like printing out your manuscript without needing to print it out! It is called NotesPlus. (I LOVE IT!!!) It allows you to edit your manuscript on your ipad screen with a stylus. You can highlight a sentence, cross something out, or rewrite something above that you want changed just like you could if you printed it out! It also has a recording button where if you have an idea you can press record and talk about your story ideas… then you can listen to them later. PREFECT WRITING APP!!!
  4. Start writing something new… I decided that I need to start writing a new story. This story has new characters and a different world. I am excited to finish it as well. Besides this I am also working on a few short stories and some book covers. (I’ve decided i need to stay busy with my writing and do more than one thing at a time. I need to get all these stories out there. How else can I do it than write it down.)

    Writing something new also helps you freshen up and rejuvenate from long sessions of editing and rewriting.

How about you then? Have you done any of these, before? Have any things that I should try out?? 



One thought on “Editing Away With The Wind

  1. Well done Devin for having the drive to persevere with your edits. It’s a huge job, it always is! But each time makes the manuscript better, and writing more and more will just keep improving your writing skills.

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