About Me

Hello Everyone,
My name is Devin Lillian Berglund and I am 24-years-old. I am from a small town in Minnesota called Twin Valley.  I have a degree from Minnesota State University of Moorhead in English/mass communications and a certificate in publishing. I am interested in pursuing a career in a company where I can write/edit/photograph. I love working with people, other writers, photography, and words since I have loved writing and creating since a young age. I have experience working with a publishing company (New Rivers Press, MSUM), a paper (Artspluse,Fargo-Moorhead), and two literary magazine’s (Red Weather, MSUM) and (New Branch of the Journey). I have recently been blogging for The Star Tribune’s “World Class” Travel Blog. I absolutely love what I do! That’s just a little background on my English/mass communications related work experience.  I studied abroad in Australia in 2010. Who would have thought a small town Minnesota girl would go to the farthest place from Minnesota? I am so happy that I decided to go there though! One of the last things my mom told me before I left was, “Devin, don’t find yourself an Aussie and end up moving there.” but, guess what happened? Yup, I have a boyfriend from there. Well, he is actually from South Africa, but now lives in Australia. I am so thankful to have him in my life. Sure the distance isn’t fun, because I would much rather be with him all the time. I love him so much and thank God for him everyday!

Current Location in Life: I am currently in Brisbane, Australia. I am a Freelance designer and writer. Also a part time admin girl for a counsellor.

God has blessed me through the years and I want to show the people in the world that no matter what, God has a plan for their lives and that through everything there is nothing to fear… life is way too short. You must live it. Because you only have one.

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear…” 1 John 4:18




30 little known facts about me

  1. I was born in a blizzard, on January, 24th 1988. Since then I have always loved a good storm.
  2. I love journals and notebooks (I always want to buy a new one, but I have several in my closet that are not full.)
  3. Drawing was always a past time of mine.
  4. My top songs on my ipod playlist are by these artists: Muse, OneRepublic, Ryan Star, and Christina Perri
  5. I first found out what Turkish Delight really was when I was 22-years-old (I first read about it in C.S. Lewis’ book “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” when Edmund consorts with the witch. But, I thought it was a food that had to do with the bird (turkey). Which, is kinda a funny story to tell.
  6. My favorite television shows are: The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, and Castle
  7. Worst subject in school was math. I really didn’t enjoy it one bit. I was the girl in English who was jumping up and down inside her head when she got assigned a paper to write. Yeah, I may be a little bit of a nerd.
  8. I have been classically trained in ballet for 6 years and Pointe for about 2-3 years. I really loved it and wish I were still dancing.
  9. I’ve been on a couple Mission Trips. My first Mission Trip was to Mexico. Another one I went to was inner city Chicago, and a Blackfoot Indian Reservation in Montana.
  10. I have Scandanavian Roots and the only word I inherited from my grandma Doris’ heritage was the word Uffda… look at what it means here! :)
  11. My favorite Disney Princesses were Ariel, Belle, and Aurora.
  12. I love Kittens and Puppies. But, I dislike it when a stranger’s dog finds it’s way to me and licks my foot (especially when I am either wearing shorts or flip flops – or worse yet… both.) It just grosses me out.
  13. I have a huge pet peeve – I don’t like it when food is uncovered in the fridge. I don’t want my cake to taste like the pizza and lasagna in there.
  14. I love Olive Garden
  15. I am not a drinker.
  16. My favorite childhood trip – I would have to say I enjoyed every single one of them with my family. We got to travel all over the place with Momma and Daddy, because of Daddy’s work.
  17. My current favorite writing utensil -> my Iphone.
  18. I hate the smell of smoke.
  19. I cry very easily…
  20. My favorite movies are either comedy or chick flicks or a combination.
  21. I loved the Backstreet Boys. I loved Brian Littrell.
  22. I have never been to Prom.
  23. I love musicals. The Musical Movies (except things like High-School Musical) like Sound of Music, Oklahoma, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Phantom of the Opera. I also LOVE seeing musicals in theaters. I still remember the fist play I went to and the anticipation I felt as I waited for the actors to enter the stage.
  24. I love traveling
  25. People always mistake me for a Canadian, because I am from Minnesota in the States. They think my accent is Canadian.
  26. My hair is like a chameleon. It gets really light in the summer and dark in the winter.
  27. I work in an Organized Chaos. I have piles, but don’t move them or try to organize them – because I know exactly where stuff is.
  28. I have a younger brother (Tony) and a younger sister (Cassidy) and I miss them very much!
  29. Location of dream homes: Montana, Tennessee, and England
  30. I would love to meet Teddy Roosevelt or Abraham Lincoln.

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great blog, Devin…you are so “open” with yourself! I too was born during a huge electrical storm, at 20 minutes to midmight, on Halloween! I love rainey weather too. And, that was a great verse of scripture, for love and life.

    Thanks for following me, and I’ll make you a certain “stop” on my reader’s list as well. Continued success…Skip.

    • I am so happy that you are enjoying my blog! Rainy weather is beautiful!! :) It’s one type of weather that I really enjoy. I feel very creative in it. When I was in Australia, I think I saw the most Rain in my lifetime. There are months where it just rains… almost everyday or a few days here and there! Thanks for commenting! :)

      • Fantastic…another “rainy day” fan! I love ’em so much…I will say one thing. I’ve never been to Australia, but I’ve spent much time in Seattle, Washington.

        I’ll bet it rivals the Aussies for rainfall, at least it seems that way! It’s always a pleasure to hear from you Devin, (love your name), and continued success…


  2. Ha. We have a bit in common. #19 & #22 for starters! : ) Nice to meet you too Devin! Hope you get a chance to read Swimming Through Clouds! Would love to hear your feedback and truth be told, most of my dreams occur down under or in South Africa. So I’m convinced that I simply MUST go to these two places some day! Soon! :)

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