Write for the Smashing Guest Writing Gala

Hello All You! I hope you had a great Fourth of July!

I am currently in Portland, Oregon for The World Domination Summit and am totally excited about learning some awesome things from writers and bloggers of today! Also very excited to meet new contacts.

If you are still interested, The Smashing Summer Writing Gala is still going on and there are a few more places left. If you are interested in guest posting be sure to click and send me a pitch of at least 2 paragraphs on what you’d like to write about and then press send! :)

I will write again soon when I get back home to Minnesota.

What To Do When You or Someone You Know is Going Half-Way Around The World.


What To Do When You or Someone You Know is Going Half-Way Around The World.

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Up For Air…

Coming Up For Air…

I have been deep in a pool of revisions. That is why I haven’t been on here much lately, but I wanted to let you all know I am still alive and that I will soon be posting more often! I never knew how much work the editing/rewrite stage takes in writing a book. I always thought the writing part was what took up all the time, guess I was wrong. Boy though, does the editing take a while.

This next week I will give you all an update.

I am trying to think of some different things to help me get done quicker. I’ve been thinking of getting up earlier to work on it before the rest of the world is beckoning for my attention as I have been EXTREMELY BUSY during the day. Mom had a surgery this last week, so I’ve been helping out a lot.

Besides that, I’m happy because I’ve been able to do a lot of reading as well… or maybe I am just squeezing reading time into the in-between time that I have. I’ve been reading on my iPad and have been enjoying it.

Although, I must say nothing will ever compare to a real book. There is just something so sacred about holding a book, smelling the paper and ink together so close, the chance to experience what so many people in the earlier ages never could… since books were so rare and expensive.

I think our world needs to be careful with just relying on the digital world. I mean look at the Library in Alexandria (A LONG TIME AGO). When it burnt down think about all that history that was just gone. The burning parchment holding secrets to the past that we would never get back. I just fear that with the internet and digital world- we take it for granted. But, yes I just went on a small bunny trail… I will post later this month a list of books that I read and also some reviews as well.

I have been search for jobs and internships. I really want to get an internship at a Publishing House or with a Literary Agent- as an assistant. But on the side I am planning some information and lessons for writing classes. I want to teach some small classes here and there. I want to offer classes at physical places and I may also offer them here online. Let me know if you would be interested. I will post more on that soon!

Just a parting thought for the night:

Have you ever wanted to be someone?

You know what I mean, right?

Have you ever had days where you feel like what you are doing isn’t making a difference, like what you want to do is too far away and unreachable?

I was always told to reach for the moon and other galaxies and if you miss you will land among the stars… I still believe that…


Snowed in...

Snowed in…


So… I am snowed in…




The Gazebo through the glass patio door.

The Gazebo through the glass patio door.

Our hot tub is almost covered.

Our hot tub is almost covered.

Another angle of the hot tub! :P

Another angle of the hot tub! :P

Through the window...

Through the window…

The driveway and trees

The driveway and trees

Was outside a little today, but I think I prefer it in front of the fireplace much more.

Was outside a little today, but I think I prefer it in front of the fireplace much more.

Have any of you ever experienced a Blizzard or been Snowed In? If so what kind of things did you do to enjoy your day off?

Remembering (History) and the voices you’ll never hear again.

St. Augustine the fort.

St. Augustine the fort.

Remembering (History) and the voices you’ll never hear again.

The wind rushes into the port and over the sharp stone walls of the fort. It almost steals his hat as he peeks over the wall. A dark phantom of an object sits out in the bay surrounded by the hazy sea mist. I wonder who they are…, he thought while ducking below the wall again. Slowly whistling to motion the others he turned to take one more peek and this time the flag flying in the wind showed the colour of onyx. Crossbones. Skulls. This can only mean one thing… Pirates.


Me. It was a bit chilly that day!

I love history.

Take me anywhere and start telling me about the things that happened in the past and I would listen to your stories and probably take a little of them away with me. I remember a time when I was in Western North Dakota near where my grandma grew up in a homestead in the early 1900’s. After hearing all the stories there was something quite magical about that place. It seemed the swaying waves of prairie grass were enchanted with tales. Strong tales of love, heartache, pain, true joy, the true meaning of family, and survival.

It seems as long as I can remember that whenever I’ve visited a place that had witnessed history…. I start hearing stories. They whisper to me across the waves of the ocean or the golden prairie grass blowing about in the wind. I start thinking about the people who lived there, died there, and survived there.

This week my family and I went to St. Augustine, and it was amazing. It is the oldest American city. The Castillo de SanMarcos is the fort that was put together by the Spanish when they came to America (before it was America… By the way!)


This fort had come in contact with generations of people. The Spanish, The British, The French, The new Americans, The Confederate soldiers during the Civil War…. And now many tourists and visitors get to see the fort too. (Imagine all the stories!)

IMG_0359There were a few things that really hit me as I walked into the museum area. There was a glass box on the wall. I walked up and peered in to see a small golden locket. This locket was beautiful, but it looked like something had landed really hard on top of it. Leaving it with a mark.

It was retrieved from a ship wreck.

Just makes me wonder. It could have been anyone.

I remember being given a locket when I was a little girl. I always thought it was cool, but deep inside it didn’t mean much to me then because I thought boys had koodies still. But I understand why now… inside that glass protective case the locket spoke to me.

Who was she? Where was she coming from? Was she with her family? Or a new husband? Or did she have to leave her man back wherever she left? Who was her lover?

Or was the more to the story? What was her story?

After thinking about this girl and her mysterious lover I felt connected. I cared for them. I know having looked at that locket, it was definitely a girls necklace and that is all that is left of her. Her legacy and only story. I left there thinking about how sad that is… I mean all that is known of her is… her battered necklace.

What about you? Do you connect with the stories of the past? If so, share something with me?

Living in the Happiest Place on Earth…

I have been sooo busy editing lately, I have come to the idea of sharing some pictures of my families vacation with you. I mean, everyone loves pictures, right? :) Later this week I will post a longer post. You know what? I never thought editing my manuscript would be as tough as it is. My mind has been so tired and full of thoughts and stuff that I thought you’d all enjoy the pics and I figured it would be a good break for my mind!

While in Florida, I also have a wonderful chance to go to Cocoa Beach Writer’s Conference. It was so much fun and I learned so many awesome things. Met great writers, agents, and even some publishers. I will writer more about this a bit later!

I also got a beautiful gift in the mail this week and it totally rocked my world. It was from my boyfriend. I will share some pictures this week! So, ya all come back now, ya hear! :P lol… Enjoy the pictures! :D

Me at MGM Studios, Disney World, Florida.

Me at MGM Studios, Disney World, Florida.

Disney World - Cinderella's Castle

Disney World – Cinderella’s Castle

Village in Magic Kingdom. Disney World, Florida.

Village in Magic Kingdom. Disney World, Florida.

My lovely sister and brother who came down with us. So lovely to see them again!

My lovely sister and brother who came down with us. So lovely to see them again!

My lovely parents who I am thankful for!

My lovely parents who I am thankful for!

I love this shot soooo much! It is Rupunzel's tower.

I love this shot soooo much! It is Rapunzel’s tower.

Mexico, Epcot (The Worlds)... We ate supper here one night! :)

Mexico, Epcot (The Worlds)… We ate supper here one night! :)

Inside Mexico... :)

Inside Mexico… :)

The romantically lit up tables inside Mexico! :)

The romantically lit up tables inside Mexico! :)

Skyping with my love. We were both wishing he had been with me in Florida. Know he would have loved it! :)

Skyping with my love. We were both wishing he had been with me in Florida. Know he would have loved it! :)

At Norway in Epcot (The Worlds) This is a Norwegian Stave Church! So big in Norway and also in Minnesota/North Dakota. My Heritage. I love these churches!!!!

At Norway in Epcot (The Worlds)
This is a Norwegian Stave Church! So big in Norway and also in Minnesota/North Dakota. My Heritage. I love these churches!!!!

"The Three Amigos" together once again! :)

“The Three Amigos” together once again! :)

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures! :)

How about you? Have you ever been to Disney World or Disney Land? If so what was your favorite moment in one of the parks??

Coughing People & Long Hours in Airports


It seems like just yesterday that I was on the other side of the world.

This is really too crazy.

I am back in Minnesota and is it ever cold here.  UFFDA…
(I may have plenty of readers who don’t quite understand what Uffda means. Read about it here… It totally describes me. :P )

It felt like I was traveling for a week. Well, I was traveling for 3 days so almost, but not really.

I left Brisbane and flew to LAX via Taipei. Yes… Taipei. I had an eleven hour layover there. YES…. you heard correctly… ELEVEN HOURS… 

I found out though that Taipei Airport gives a free half-day tour. So, I went on it and saw many different things. I will be sure to write an update on the tour and such.


After Taipei, I landed in LAX with a small layover of about 2 hours and 15 minutes. It was so hectic getting through immigrations and customs and security. Besides that LAX is a crazy airport. In the knick of time I made it to my gate and boarded my next flight to Denver. Only having about an hour and a half layover to make it to my next plane to Fargo from Denver. After Denver, I finally boarded my last flight of the day.

look at the writing!!!

Look at the writing on the back of the pop can!!!

But, at the moment I don’t want to talk about the flying or traveling part of my journey. I want to dedicate this post to flight and airport manners or lack of them.

Okay, what are some things that I saw at the airport or in the plane?

In the flight from Taipei, I experienced something no one should ever have to experience. The man sitting next to me clearly had a cold and kept blowing his nose in his hand. YES!!!!! IN his bare hand!!!!!! And then he would wipe it onto his coat.

I was thinking, “Seriously, if you do that one more time… I am going to tell you not to do that in front of me.” But then after he did it again and continued to I just got even more disgusted and stood up for a while to escape him. I couldn’t stand being next to him. I mean… GROSS. You don’t do that.

Other things that grossed me out or annoyed me: 

  • People who didn’t cover their mouthes when they sneeze or cough. (This happened while I was in Asia mostly, but there were many people doing this.) It made me hope I wasn’t going to catch a bug. When I got home I was sure to get a Flu shot just to be safe from this flu epidemic going around in America.
  • Rude people (I understand people were probably traveling just as far as I did or ever farther… but really, don’t treat others horribly…it wont make your day any smoother.)
  • Mean security or customs people. I am not guilty of anything just because I was in Taipei, Singapore, and Australia while on my journeys.  I don’t like it how they try making you feel guilty for NOTHING. For just standing in front of them.

What are some things that annoy you when you are traveling in Airports??