Making the most of it… 4 days left…

Photo Credit : Pinterest

Photo Credit : Pinterest

How do you make the most of a moment?

This is officially my first post of 2013. How exciting, right? No… well, it was a bit weird the other day when I signed and dated something – I almost put ‘2012’ down. Ha… but yeah, how can we make sure that we make the most of 2013 and the days that we have. 

There are moments in our life that we don’t grab onto as hard as we should and make the most of it. It is almost kind of like when My family and I were hiking in Glacier Montana one time. My mom made a note on how all the people who live close to beautiful things sort of just take it for granted. I have also noticed that having lived on the Sunshine Coast… many people take for granted the beautiful beach and the ocean at their doorsteps. 

But then again there is another thing that people take for granted. People. Those they love.

I remember being told a story about how when my grandpa died that my Dad wished he could have said good-bye one last time. I understand that feeling.

There are also moments where you pay attention to small things that shouldn’t be paid attention to and then that distracts from what really matters. I know I have been victim to that one.

In four days I have to fly back to America. It is bittersweet, really. I am excited to see family and my country again, but in the same breath my heart is breaking! I don’t want to leave Johan here. I guess I must just go out and enjoy these 4 days like a banshee… and then I will look forward to the future while trusting God with his plan for us. While looking forward to his visits.


So what about you? What do you do to make the most of your time that you have? Also do I have any readers who are in long distance relationships? If so, give me a wave (comment)! :)

Did you know that LIGHT conquers the darkness?

Day 3 of Haunting Writing Contest (Join the Fun!)

The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it. -John 1:5

Today was a super long day of writing (4,368) words so I thought I would put up the 3rd day of the Haunting October Short Story Extravaganza Writing Contest’s picture! :) Please join us in this months contest!

This writing contest will help you with your writing. When I write about dark things I like to bring the light out at the end and I make sure it conquers the darkness. Because in real life,  death is conquered by LIFE. Curses are conquered by BLESSINGS and darkness is conquered by LIGHT.

This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the Lordyour God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him. For the Lord is your life, and he will give you many years in the land he swore to give to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. -Deuteronomy 30:19-20


Every day in October I will be uploading a new picture into this file on pinterest and also on my facebook page.

All you have to do is write a short story that one of the pictures have inspired you to write.

And then send it to me at devinberglund (at) live (dot) com and you could win a prize.

Deadline: The end of October. :)

How About You

  1. Tell me something that you are afraid of?
  2. What is the nightmare that frightened you the most?

Sign up for my contest and check out my excerpt from “The Created Ones” first book of the series!

Hello Everyone!

First off, I would like to tell everyone to go to this website and sign up for the giveaway that I am holding. :) Besides everyone loves free stuff, right? I sure do!

I have been writing a lot the past few days and have also been listening to some writing conference information. On one of these videos the speaker compared video games to writing. It was interesting to here, because I am not a very big video game girl. Well, actually I am not into video games at all. Just ask my brother and my boyfriend. But I really found the speaker’s point true. There are a few things that are very similar. But anyways, I had a homework assignment for that class and I have included it below. I hope you enjoy it. It is from my first book in “The Created Ones” series. Be sure to fill out the giveaway on the link above, because once I hit “100 followers” I will tell you all what my title for the first book will be. I can’t wait for the big reveal! Hope you enjoy!!


Homework: Scenario #3 – Your character meets someone who they think they are meeting for the first time. But they have met before, and as far as your character was concerned, it was a painful experience


The woman walks into the thrown room with two men on either side of her. Their shoes hit the cobblestone floors sending echoes throughout the room. The men tower over her by at least a head. She stares intently at Dustin and Sara. The woman’s hood covers her head all except for her pure red lips. She starts laughing.

“I knew we would catch up to you both, sooner or later.”

“Who are you?” Dustin speaks as the trio continues toward them.

“Oh,” the woman turns and looks at each of the men on either side of her and gives them a smile, “You don’t know me do you? But the girl to the right of you, I know you.” A silence fell over the room as the woman pulled her hood off her head. Sara opened her mouth in shock of what her eyes showed her. The woman’s flowing fiery red hair sat on her shoulders as she smiled even more.

“YOU…” Sara said while walking forward. Dustin grabbed her.

“Me?” she asked while placing her hand on her chest, “Yes, you are correct… it is me.”

“You, took Evangeline from me.”

“What are you saying? We didn’t take her… we simply decided to adopt her and she helps us do our work these days. So I thank you for allowing her to come with us.” Sara tried pulling lose from Dustin’s grasp.

“Let go of me, Dustin!”

“Sara, don’t…”

“You have no idea…Dustin.”

“Sara, this is just what she wants- she wants us to hate each other so that she has a weak link and so she can be stronger. Don’t listen to her.” Sara whips her head in the direction of the lady, “I never gave her to you. You made it so I couldn’t move from my spot.” Tears roll down her cheeks.

“Yes,” she pauses and giggles, “Well, I didn’t need you.” Suddenly the name came back to Sara.

“Elfria… that’s your name!” The woman’s eyes are filled with a fiery anger as she looks at Sara.

“I should have killed you baack then, when I had the chance.”

So what do you think of it so far? 

Buccaneer Blogging – Social Media & Airport Good-byes

Hello Everyone,

It has been a little while since I last posted. On Sunday, Johan and I dropped my sister off at the airport. It was a hard thing to do – see her walk off into the gate alone. I miss having her here with me. I would have to say that one of the things I hate the most in life is saying good-bye to people I love. I always loved traveling in airports when I was younger, but lately I have connected airports with “saying bye”. It isn’t fun, but I know I will get to see those people again. After Cassidy walked into the gate, I saw a little girl sucking on her thumb with her blanket walk by with her mother and I couldn’t help but to think of the little sister of mine who was just getting ready to board a flight alone. I am glad to say though that Cassidy made it safely home after about 24-hrs of traveling!

Today, Johan and I had a good day though – I set up a treasure hunt in a grocery store for him. It was exciting. I will post pictures soon.

But, I didn’t post my review of the hunger games because I got busy with other things those days. I will be sure to post the review up soon though. I am going to start looking for a more full time job and am currently taking an online writing and marketing class.

For the Buccaneer Blogfest today, I am supposed to post on: Social Media: Share your feelings and opinions about social media and it’s relation to writing and reading.

Social Media… hmm… well, other than it being a huge distraction for me. I really love it. I have Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, and also LinkedIn. I really love all of the sites and could spend way too much time on there. Speaking of which… How do you cut your time off on social media to get work done? Do you have a designated time for it? Or do you do it as a reward? 

YouTube (I will be uploading more videos as I want to start vlogging. I believe it would be a cool new media to approach my platform with.)

Check out my sites and follow me! :) Also Follow my blog here, if you haven’t yet! :) The more the merrier!


Buccaneer Blogfest 16-18th

Hello Everyone, I want to apologize that I am a tad bit behind on the Buccaneer Blogfest, but late is better than never, eh? Yesterday I was in a car all day and got back to Brisbane at a pretty late hour. We drove from the Blue Mountains so it took about 13 or so hours to get back to Brisbane. For the Buccaneer Blogfest I was supposed to post a paragraph from my work in progress. This is from my current work in progress, which currently has a working title. Hope you enjoy it though!! :) I am really excited about this story and the characters.

Dad always told us stories about the land below. He always told us the stories of his adventures in the land. Sure for some it may have been interesting or exciting, but to me it was frightening. Frightening, because I don’t want to leave the Mountain and go to the land below. I want to stay on this mountain forever, but Dad has made it known ever since I was little that I would follow in the families traditions, which meant that I also have to leave the mountain. It’s what our family line has been doing for as long as anyone can remember and is threaded deeply in our people’s history and culture. As soon as a boy becomes my age and finishes school, he must go down off the mountain and train. Even though I have fought against the idea ever since I was young, I must follow through because that is what we do. That is a Preventer’s life.

What do you think about it? Where do you think it is going? Let me know! :)

Today I am going to the Jersey Boy’s performance at the Theatre here in Brisbane. I will be sure to let you know how it went! I am excited about it. It’s hard to believe that Cassidy will be leaving. I will really miss her. Makes me miss my family.

For the Buccaneer Blogfest I am also supposed to introduce you to someone very important to me. His name is Dustin.

Devin: Hello Dustin, Thank you for joining me today! 

Dustin: Yes, no problem at all. 

Devin: What would you say the greatest step in your journey has been?

Dustin: Well, I am a Preventer. Some people may not know what that means, but putting it in simple terms – I am a warrior of sorts. I lived on a beautiful mountain, before I had to leave it to live with my uncle. He is also a Preventer, but he fell so much in love with the country below that he stayed with his wife.  I am currently taking a break from training. Not all of the people on the mountain are Preventers though and that is the part I was extremely jealous about. I kept asking myself, “Why me?” “Why do I have to leave when there are so many others that would just switch places with me in a heartbeat?” So, I would have to say that has been my greatest step. It was scary because you see – before that moment I had never been off the mountain much a like all the other guardian kids, but I had heard stories about all the gruesome and horrible things that happened – which no Guardian lives by or respects.

Devin: Yes, I can understand how that would have been hard. Even though there has been trial and heartache is there anything that you have really enjoyed? or learned while being at your Uncles?

Dustin: Yes! But, I haven’t been here long so I suppose I will be learning a whole lot more in a very short amount of time like about sword fighting and controlling my gifts and powers while surviving down here while trying to blend in without pulling to much attention my way.  

I have certainly enjoyed hearing my Aunt and Uncle’s stories. I can’t imagine having growing up like my Aunt. She had a tough child hood.

Devin: I always love listening to parents, family, and friend’s stories! Could you share with us her story? 

Dustin: Uh… sure, I guess. Well she was born with a magical gift where she can control things with music. She loves music so much that today she has music playing on her harp at all moments throughout the day. 

She had a brother and he also had a magical talent – although I really don’t know what his gifts were. There parents knew about his magic because he rebelled and lived the life. Her parents had at one time used their magic but said they would never use it ever again and because of that they pushed their son away. Not on purpose, but by accident. By doing so he ended up getting mixed up in a bad crowd or rather with one woman in particular. The people in that village new her as Lady Aaron – a witch of sorts. All awhile this was happening my Aunt was growing up and practicing her music and talents. Her parents praised her and loved her talent with music. Although they didn’t know that her music was her magic so they were fine with her magic because they were unaware of it’s true strength and purity. 

One horrible day she was sitting in the barn’s roof and looked through the open door from behind a hay stack. She could see her parents down below. They were working in the tree grove and garden. In the distance she could see 3 women in red capes walking their way. She identified them as the witches daughters. They started killing her parents in a gruesome way and when they started coming for her – that was the moment she was the most scared. 

Devin: Oh, my! I really can’t imagine how that would have been!

Dustin:  I know, me either. Because while growing up on the mountain we barely had such horrible things happen. If something bad happened the person would have been dealt with in a strict way. There is a story that my Dad told me when I was younger about two Convict Guardians. I am not sure if the story is real or if it is rather a folk lore or such. But the two Guardians went bad and started killing a few kids and because of that the guardian Preventers took them half way to the entrance of our mountain where there is a cave and it is very dark and cold there.  They were dealt with there.

Devin: How were they dealt with?

Dustin: They were turned into black trees that will always watch people go to and from the land below to the mountain as a reminder that they will never be able to see the mountain or be in total peace again.

Devin: Wow. Well, that is quite an interesting story. 

Dustin: Thanks, I am glad you are enjoying it. 

Devin: I really am! Thank you for joining us today, Dustin! 

Dustin: It was truly my pleasure!!

Let me know, what do you think about my character – Dustin? Are you interested in knowing more about him? Let me know what you think?

This is a Blog Hop!


Thank You for the Blog Award. & What are my current goals?

Today was an exciting day! This morning I found that a awesome writer and blogger Zen Scribbles awarded me with the Kreative Blogger Award, Inspiring Blog Award, The Versatile Blog Award, and the Sisterhood of the World Award. I will be adding them to the side-bar soon. I was so excited! Thank you again for giving them to me. It’s lovely to know people are reading my blog and that my words aren’t just going out into the void… it makes me feel special knowing that people are liking what they are hearing. In accepting the award I need to tell you 7 things about myself.

  1. I have found out that I am extremely bad at measuring and cutting things… so, if you need something measured and cut straight… please don’t come to me. :P
  2. I love Cats and Dogs. I wish that I had a pet right now. Right now, I’d preferably like a soft little kitty. I grew up on a farm, so it was normal to always have kitties and puppies around! Their is just a certain way that a purring kitty can make your day all better – just by hearing it’s purr.
  3. Some writers write with music on, while others cant. I really don’t know where I fall in the mix. Sometimes I can listen to music and write, but others times I am distracted by the sound and lyrics. The music I have really enjoyed is instrumental music like “The 2 Cellos” I love their work.
  4. I love food from different nationalities. I have enjoyed most of every kind where ever I have gone, although, my stomach didn’t handle Singapore’s food very well when I was there. It was just so different from what I was/am used to. Although I really loved their peach fanta!! Yum
  5. Speaking of Fanta… I say Pop. Here in Australia many people look at me and laugh when I say it, so I’ve had to conform in order for them to understand what I want by saying, “Soft drink or Soda”. Some other Minnesotan-isms that I proudly carry in my tongue is how I pronounce bag (the ‘A’ is pronounced with a long A as in “Aye” and that also goes for Dra(y)-gon as well! :P People say that Minnesotan’s lengthen their ‘O’ and their ‘A’ when they speak. I guess that was a little quirky fact about the way I speak.
  6. I don’t like it when people are unprofessional.
  7. My favorite movies of all times are the musicals. Like the good ones “The Sound of Music”, “The King and I”, and Broadway musicals as well. I am actually so excited because Johan and I will be going to the Broadway musical “The Jersey Boys”, which is an awesome musical probably my favorite out there at the moment.
I also have to nominate a few bloggers who I am inspired by as well. You will also receive the awards that I listed above. In order to accept them you must also tell us 7 things about you on your blog and then pass it on to a few other bloggers. :)
Zen Scribbles (I know you gave me the award, but I am inspired by your blog and writing as well, so I thought I would award ya as well! :)
Johan Joubert (You have just started blogging, but I really enjoy your posts when you update your blog.)
Darlene Craiotto – (I know we have been blogging friends for just a short amount of time, but I think that it’s so cool and inspiring to be friends with a scriptwriter.
Annette Berglund – (My mom, you always inspire me! In life, through your words, and also through your artwork.)
So, now that I got that done I can continue with this post. It was so crazy, because last night I had a strange dream. When I awoke all I could remember was Ted Dekker speaking to me (he is a great author who I have met) said to me, “Devin, you have to finish your book!” So, I believe that is the mission, besides doing the freelance articles and stories that make money along the way I need to plunge head first into my novel. It’s a race… and I need to get the story out. I was thinking about participating in JULNOWRIMO… which, is kind of like NANOWRIMO to finish this novel, but my sister will be here in Australia during the whole month of July and we will be traveling and such. Instead of that I will just start now, and write everyday. I had a friend who embarked on a journey of writing 10,000 words a week and in 8 weeks she finished her novel. Pretty sweet, right? Sounds like heaven to me…
He is so talented… and this is only part of it… I will post the rest later after he has finished it. :)

While I sit here pondering about my life as a writer, my boyfriend finished an architecture project. It looks really cool! I will share more pictures with you later.

5 new goals

  1. Finish “Untitled novel. Book one of the Created Ones Trilogy.” Well, this one isn’t a new one, but it is a MUST DO… You know it’s a must when you are having dreams of a favorite author of yours telling you to finish your book. I think in order to do this my best bet will be to continue waking up early in the morning to write when the annoyances of the world (the freakin annoying and cackling crows who wake up in my backyard around 8am) are quiet!
  2. ReREAD my favorite book – I am currently reading the first book of the “The Hunger Games” and It is good, but nothing compared to my favorite book ever. I watched a Vlog lately by a guy who does NANOWRIMO every year and he states that when you are stuck for inspiration that you should go back to the book that made you think, “I want to be a writer.” He said that, that way you will see what it was that made you want to write. That book for me was C.S. Lewis’ book from The Chronicles of Narnia – “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.” I will go out and scout down a copy of that book and crack the cover open to reDISCOVER why it made me want to be a writer. I remember when I read the book and stopped for a second to look up and I realized that I was thrown into the beautiful land. At times I had much rather preferred to be in Narnia than our world. I loved how it made me feel accepted and loved.
  3. Sunday Scribbles – This is an exciting find that I accidentally stumbled across on a writing page. Every week they put a weekly challenge in the form of a prompt. It is only one word. So, you are to write a short story or poem on your blog that has to do with the prompt word in some way. So, starting next week I am going to try do a prompt a week. I want to get some short stories written so I can submit some to literary magazines and story web-sites.
  4. NANOWRIMO – Since, I am going to finish my novel soon I will participate in NANOWRIMO this year, in November! I am pumped, because I was a part of it way back when it first began, but I didn’t get too far! I am excited about this, since I have been getting sooo many story ideas which are floating around up in my brain and are needing a place to reside on paper. I must sit down and write my book, so I can write the new ones in my head.
  5. Sending Off – Since, I will be writing a lot this year, I am going to aim at sending writing out to magazines, guest blog posts, and writing pages at least 3-5 times a month. I think that will do. I will see how it goes this month and I’ll be sure to update you all on how it goes.

What are some things that you all want to improve? What are the goals that will help you achieve those things? :)

A letter to my 13-year-old self…

Hello Blog World! It’s so lovely to be home on my blog. I have been craving to write a blog post for the past few days and just thought, “Hey, I have time now!” and “Yay, I can write a blog entry now.”  How are all of you? I have been busy amidst everything. I haven’t been able to work on manuscript this week at all, which is really disappointing, but I have gotten other things done. A few of the things: finished freelance writing/designing a brochure for a company, finished my first round of editing my writing website, I can’t wait to introduce you all to it! Then on top of that, I have been finding some writing contests to enter. :)

I just thought that maybe I would reminisce on my life and show you all a letter to my 13 year old self. I decided to do this when I saw a writer had posted hers and I remember having written a few through out my college years, but since I am now 24 I think I will write one now. My 7th-grade-year of High School was a tough one for me. I’ve always been a creative person, so I would walk to the beat of my own drum and I really didn’t care what people thought of me. I didn’t want to be like the popular girls and I didn’t want to do stuff like everyone else. So, because of that difference I was targeted for bullying and other things.

Dear 13-year-old Devin,

I sit in another country writing this note. You are only 13. A new teenager. This is going to be a big year for you and also your country. I can only tell you so much right now, but I know you have recently started to go to school at the High School, because the middle school is combined with the High School. You have found this note in your locker when you realized that your best friend throughout 5th and 6th grade has moved away and hadn’t told you that she wouldn’t be coming back. I know you are feeling alone. I know it’s hard to believe that she didn’t tell you. But, I promise that life gets better. You wont always have to be the lone wolf walking down the halls alone. Instead of looking at the ground and shying away from they other kids stares – work your confidence and trust that they aren’t all staring at you and talking about you behind your back. Challenge the kids who make you feel insecure. Stand up tall and smile. Ignore their attempts at making you hurt or cry. Continue to draw and write. There will be a girl you must keep your eyes open for, her name is Silvia Atanassova and she is going to be someone who blesses your life more than you know it. She is going to be an exchange student from Bulgaria. She will inspire you to stretch your limits farther than you thought possible. She will inspire you to travel across the ocean. It may all seem a little scary at this point, because I know you probably feel content at home with Tony, Cassidy and Mom and Dad! Which is fine, and good. You will meet Silvia in the library, make sure you meet her and talk to her when you see her typing in a different language. Befriend her and you will never regret it.
One early morning in September, you will be sitting in your science classroom, when your teacher makes his way to turn on the tv. Within the click of the power button, you are shocked by what you see. An airplane makes it’s way through the first tower of the World Trade Center building in New York. It will be hard to believe. And no, it wasn’t a joke. It was an act of war. I would like to say that your Country has fully healed from that shady attack that happened  11 years ago, but it hasn’t completely yet. I am hoping great things for the future of America and I know that God has a plan. So keep following him. He has something big planned for you in the future. I am still unaware of everything at 24.

Here Silvia, Cassidy (my sister) and I pose in a little row boat thing, I think this picture was taken at a zoo.

Here Silvia, Cassidy and I sit on a couch at my Grandma Doris’ apartment. The little boy is my little cousin Adam. (Isn’t it crazy how you can long for people when you see their pictures and miss them even if they are no longer alive?)

In the pool swimming with Cassidy and Silvia

Here we are standing at the entrance to the Minot Stave Norwegian Church. Isn’t it beautiful?

And to show the other side of my heritage – We are standing under the Swedish Horse.

When Silvia looks for a college to attend in the States, you are going to be really excited, but when she isn’t able to. Stand strong. It’s hard when friends can’t stay.

Here we are with Lief Erickson, the viking.

This is us standing with Silvia and some other friends at the time. (the boy in the green is my brother, Tony) and you recognize Cassidy, Silvia and I. This was the day that Silvia was leaving. We ate out before she left.

You and Silvia both will make a pact to be in each other’s wedding one day. So, you will be so excited to do that. It is one of the hardest days to say good-bye to her,  but you will be set on seeing her again. The day that Silvia got back to Bulgaria she will phone you. The concept of talking to someone so far away on the phone will be unbelievable to you.  Keep in touch with her.

Your Mom will start homeschooling you and your sister and brother. It will give you a huge chance to see more, do more, and reach your dreams. Have faith, because everything will turn out, even when it seems like it wont. Because of the chance to be homeschooled you will get a chance to see the world, learn from history first on and outside of the textbooks. You will meet people and go places that you never thought you would see.

So, I leave you with this final thought. Devin, you are beautiful. Don’t have low self esteem. Let everything vanish. All that pain and hurt from the years of being bullied. You are blessed and beautiful and there is an amazing life out there waiting for you. Love you.

Devin (your 24-year-old self)

Note to readers: When I sat down to write this note, I was totally sent back to that time in my mind. I am so grateful that Silvia came to Minnesota. Yesterday was her birthday – June 8th. She added a light into my life. It was really nice to have a legit friend who loved me. I just thought I would share this with all of you though, In 2010 when I was studying abroad in Australia. I was checking my email and found a letter addressed from Silvia. I was so excited and opened it to find a note from someone else saying that he was Silvia’s English Teacher from High School. He said that Silvia’s Mom wanted him to respond to me. At that moment, I knew it couldn’t be good. Yes, you all have guessed correctly. My best friend from 7th grade had passed away. I broke out into huge tears. It was so hard to hear. She had inspired me and I really was still set on going to Bulgaria to visit her when she got married. But, now that will never happen. I will keep my promise to her though – I will go visit her in Bulgaria and will see her home. It’s always tough when things like this happen. I was so happy that my boyfriend was there to hold me. It was so hard.