Featured Short Story at the Realm

It’s been so busy lately I decided to share a link where my short story is featured on a blog! Check it out and I hope you all enjoy it! Take a trip to her blog to read it and let me know what you think! :)


Slaying The 7 Deadly Sins…

Hello Everyone,

I have been really busy writing lately. Blog posts and my book. Check out Blue Monkey Writing to see my latest post on how writers can slay the 2 twin witches (Gluttony and Sloth) which is the first of a blog series on how writers can combat the 7 deadly sins.

Since it is October, I have 3 months left in Australia and it is really scary, because I don’t want to have to go and be away from my boyfriend. I really like being in the same city as him and to have the kind of choice to be able to see him whenever. So, please keep me in your prayers as I will be doing some major job searching in the next for weeks.

Other than writing, I have been holding an October Writing Contest called ” The Haunting October Short Story Extravaganza Writing Contest”



Check out new pictures for the Haunting October Short Story Extravaganza Writing Contest!!! It isn’t too late to join! All you must do is use one of the pictures or a few to prompt you in your writing. And then write a short story. :) You have until the end of October and then send it to me at devinberglund (at) live (dot) com to have a chance at winning the contest! :) I have prizes! :)



Also, Sometime this week I will have the journal winners up and announced. :)

Well, I better go! But talk to you all soon!

God Bless,


Contest: The Haunting October Short Story Extravaganza

Guest Author on Blue Monkey Writing

Check out this amazing YA Author, Laura Anderson Kurk as she speaks about The Writer’s Heart as a guest Author on “Blue Monkey Writing”.

You Can Still Win One Of The Journals

You still have a chance to win one of those journals. Visit the post below this one and do the photo prompt in order to get entered.

Photo Credit: earthfirst.com

The Haunting October Short Story Extravaganza

I am very excited to announce that this October I will be having a short story writing contest just like I did last year around this time called “The Haunting October Short Story Extravaganza” It had been such a great turn out that I think it would be awesome to do again. And the winners will win something and don’t worry – I think up good surprises. :)
To see the winners from last year, check out these links.

Emily Kunkel – The Farmhouse 
Abigail Anderson – The Monster Inside of Me

Everyday I will upload a new hauntingly beautiful, slightly creepy, and enchanting photograph to my facebook page for your inspiration. Please check it everyday and see if you are prompted to write a short story that has something to do with the photo you picked. It doesn’t have to be word for word what you see – it just has to be creative and creepy since October is the month of Halloween.

I really enjoyed this last year! Once you have written it you may send it to my email devinberglund (at) live (dot) com with the Subject Box filled in as “Short Story Extravaganza” You have the whole month of October to do this. Have fun!! I will post more about this along with the first picture on October 1st.

Attitude… Cockroaches… and life as I know it at the moment.

Light Shows & Unwanted Dinner Guests

It is the Brisbane festival at the moment – which leads up to the big fireworks and light show on the Brisbane River known to many Brisbane-ites as “River Fire”. Tonight after I got done writing and after Johan finished studying we walked to South Bank and got some yummy sandwiches at “Grilld” and then we walked to the river and sat down on the edge of the river. It was beautiful. The city scape reflecting their lights onto the water reflecting bright reds, blues, and pinks. Music played in the speakers as Johan and I enjoyed our meal.

I reached to grab a french fry (by the way they have some of the most yummy fries made with sea salt and rosemary!) but, yes I picked up my french fry and dipped it in the sauce when all of a sudden next to my pinkie finger there was a visitor on the spot next to my sauce. As soon as I saw the cockroach I started freaking out. It scuttled on my lap and then off and over the ledge. I stood up and started doing a freaking out touched a bug dance! What a close encounter with a disgusting existence!

What a close encounter with a disgusting existence!

So that was my scary experience today. But then when we got back to my apartment – I went to use the bathroom and when I came back Johan told me there was a cockroach in my apartment. I sorta freaked out again… it’s just a gross feeling that there might be a nasty presence in my apartment… maybe I should name him… until I find him… AND THEN… I WILL KILL HIM!!!!!


Just lately I have realized that I hate it when certain people have bad attitudes. They are so negative and speak as though everything is about them. What do you do when people act this way? I see things like this on facebook all the time – I am so close to commenting, but I always stop before posting because I don’t want to be seen as the rude person who caused me to want to post by others!

Getting some words written! :)

Getting Some Words Written

For the past few days my boyfriend and I have been accountable with each other him with his studies and me with my writing. I am so thankful I have someone to kick me in the behind when I need it. I am so excited about this story! I told you all before that I would tell you all the name of the book. How about the next post? In order for me to release the name, I need everyone to comment below answering a question inspired from the links below. Then also make sure to post on the links and follow the blogs.

I have been working on a blog with a few other writers a lot lately too. Check out an amazing post on sitting yourself in the chair to write, Synopsis writing tips that work, and also why you shouldn’t give up on writing that novel of yours. 

  1. If you are a writer how do you get yourself to sit in the chair and write?
  2. Do you have any Synopsis writing tips that you like to use?
  3. What are a few things that cause you to procrastinate finishing what you are working on?

The Time Travel Jeep

Hello writers and readers! This is a short post today, but I wanted to share with you all the first official post on “Blue Monkey Writing” a collaborative blog written by writers. Check it out. Show the Blue Monkey Writing Blog some love by subscribing. :)

The Time Travel Jeep.

Murdering Fiction Master-Class

Today I went to a writing workshop at the Brisbane Writer’s Festival called “Murdering Fiction”. I was really excited about this class because I have never done crime or thriller writing. But, I know that I will soon in the near future, because I’ve been having some wicked dreams as of late.

This ended up a little blurry. I will be sure to have someone else take another picture. But, yes… I loved this heart made of books. This was right before my workshop “Murdering Fiction”.

I honestly was upset when the workshop was over… Okay let me be completely honest 20 minutes in I was talking to myself (inside my mind of course) and saying, “This is boring.” or “This writer is really drab and boring.” I would have to say it was the worse workshop on writing that I have ever been to. I hate it when you go to a workshop and then you end up with a writer who is teaching it – who is not very good. It was a downer – here I had been waiting for some knowledge and pointers on how to go about structuring and writing good crime/thrillers… and the teacher ended up being very, very boring.

Uffda. haha… I hope tomorrow’s class is amazing. I believe my writing class tomorrow will be focused on world building in Fantasy books. I can’t wait. :)

I better go to bed, because I am sooo tired. Colds have been flying about through Queensland these past few months and I don’t want to get sick. I will talk to you all later… My pillow is calling me.

Will write again soon.