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My Christmas Carol

Christmas tree this year. :)

Christmas tree this year. :)

Ghost of Christmas Past

I love Charles Dickens! My favorite work by him is The Christmas Carol. So, I have decided that over the next few days leading up to Christmas I would visit the Ghost’s of my Christmas Past.

The Christmas tree was strung with lights as Christmas music played loudly from the other room. Each of us had a mug of hot chocolate not far away. Tony, Cassidy, and I sat between huge plastic containers as we waited for our parents to hand us the ornaments one by one. It was then that each ornament would remind us of a special moment in the past – like a time machine bringing us back with just a glance. It wasn’t just a bulb.

My three favorite christmas decorations are one little one of a baby bear, it was my first Christmas ornament. Another was a pipe cleaner Christmas tree I made at my baby-sitter’s house when I was little (for my Mom.) and then the other was a belle shaped ornament I made my Dad in Middle School.

Another of my favorites is our pickle. Some of you are probably wondering what I mean about a pickle… haha… well, for as long as I remember it’s been in our family tradition that one person hides the pickle ornament in the tree and who ever finds it on Christmas Eve can open the first present.

The weeks leading up to Christmas were also involved with baking – we baked many cookies. Rolling the gingerbread and sugar cookie dough out flat on the table before we took cookie cutters to them. What had once been a straight long flat piece of dough was now the shape of a little man or woman. After cooking the cookies they filled the house with a lovely warm smell for the rest of the week. Sometimes Gingerbread houses were a part of the fun. Check out this URL for one of my favorite Christmas Cookies. :) YUM… you won’t regret making them! Be sure to scroll down in the link, so you can see what they look like!

While in Middle School and High School, I remember going to our church group where we would also bake cookies and then go door to door to elderly people’s houses to sing carols like The First Noel, Silent Night, Hark the Herald, Joy to the World and then after we’d give them some cookies. There were times that we would all cuddle up in blankets on the back of a sleigh ride pulled by horses.

Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh. Over the fields we go laughing all the way.

On Christmas Eve, before opening presents one of us in the family would read the Christmas story (found in Luke 2). It was then that we would open the gifts – alternating each one between the 5 of us. Smiles, Laughter, and Joy filled the room. But much of my childhood we spent going from one grandparents house to the next with the presents. It was our Christmas. I loved our Christmas.

This year, I will be having my second Aussie Christmas. Which, my first one was nice and I know this one will be too… but, you know what? December doesn’t feel like December without snow. Little kids playing out in the snow making snow angels, building snow men and forts, while having snow wars. That is always how I saw Christmas and the Christmas Season. This song makes sense!

Have a lovely Christmas and blessed season with your loved ones!

(Love you Momma, Daddy, Tony, Cassidy, and Grandma! Have safe travels to Tony’s and have a great Christmas – wish we could all celebrate together this year!)

What about you? What are some of the things you remember from your Christmas Past?


I Finished The Book!

YAY! This last weekend I went away to a writer’s retreat with my boyfriend. We got a lot of writing done. I finished my book!! How exciting. There were moments when I thought it wasn’t possible. At times I swear it felt like a maze and to tell you the truth I would avoid mazes and puzzles as a child, because man they are difficult. Aren’t they? Or is it just me, who doesn’t like coming to a dead end on a maze (especially if it’s a real life maze and you are running through it trying to find the way out. I was in one in Montana last summer and it seriously took us 2 hours to get out of the maze… no lies. It’s truth.)

Or finding a puzzle piece that almost fits into the puzzle so I squeeze it in only to find out (or be told later by someone else that it doesn’t fit.)  Haha… thus is my life. but, yes I will get back on track. I really found that I enjoy my characters and when I have gotten to a dead end – I step back and bump into a character and they tell me something completely crazy that I didn’t know before. So I guess all pain is gain! :)

I still feel like there is a lot to do ahead of me. This week I am going to do the first run through edit – which I am raving about inside my head. And when I say raving about… I don’t mean that my thoughts are dancing and dancing to techno music with strobe lights radiating off all the walls. This rave is more on a frightening note. lol…

This is just a short update. What began over a year ago as another book ended in a first draft of 75,467 words. I am sure that it will grow as I edit. But Yes, I am so glad that a few months ago I decided to turn the book I was writing a year ago into a trilogy. Which this book I just finished is the first book. So, I had first been writing the 2nd book.

Hope you all have been great! I will update again soon. I am adding some pictures from the weekend at North Stradbroke Island. I will update with more as it was a beautiful Island, once I get Johan’s pics put on my computer. :)

At the Port waiting for the Ferry on the first day – November 23rd, 2012.

Awesome sign on our villa during the day.

Writer at work in the tropics. This place has really grown on me.

I am so blessed with this awesome man in my life. Thank you Jesus. <3

Postcard perfection…

Returning to the Port on the last day. Look at that glorious blue-green water! :) I got so many story and setting ideas from this weekend for the third book in the series that I am writing. :) November 25th, 2012.


I am attaching a thank you letter here.

I am so grateful and thankful for everyone that has been so encouraging for me during this whole writing process for my book.

  • Johan – The love of my life, I couldn’t have done it without your belief in me and the nudges along the way. (Ones that I needed!) I really look forward to going through the editing process with you. :) AND I love you, Greatly! :)
  • Momma & Daddy – You two have always stood next to me – telling me that I can achieve anything. And you two were right. Those stars were reachable. :) You two were the best parents in the world and are still the best! :)
  • Cassidy & Tony – Cassidy thank you for your help and ideas when I am writing or brainstorming. And Tony, thanks for always reading my books – it’s so encouraging to actually see the biggest book worm in the world interested in my stories. :) You two are amazing! :)
  • Grandma Doris & Grandpa Beuford –  Grandma your stories were one of the reasons that I wanted to be a story-teller and you always encouraged me to write. Grandpa Beuford, I never got to know you because you went before I was born, but I found a great delight in going through your and grandma’s love letters from the Great Depression along with your stories that you had written and placed in that black wooden box. :) I love you both even though you are not on earth any longer. You have placed a footprint on my heart that will never disappear.
  • Grandpa Dennis & Grandma Ruby – Grandpa, you and grandma were always encouraging with my petal girl stories. :) I greatly miss you. Grandma thank you for always encouraging me as a writer. :) love you!
  • My Dear Lord Jesus, that deserves praise for the story that I just finished. I actually recieved the idea of this book from him in a dream. It was exciting. I will be sure to blog on this at a later time so that you all know how this story came about.
  • ALL OF YOU – It means so much to me to have a following on here. To know that 115 people are following my blog and adventures is such a great pleasure and surprise to me. I guess one may think their life isn’t so interesting that people would want to read about it. But I am so happy you are all here. If you weren’t it wouldn’t be as fun. I hope you all enjoy my blog and it means so much to have you visit. :)

Speak Again Soon! :) 

Writers Can Learn MORE From Television Shows…

Photo Credit : The Walking Dead – AMC


Writers Can Learn MORE From Television Shows
Than Just Procrastinating From Writing

I am fond of certain television shows.

Do you have your shows that you love watching?

Are you a writer and do you enjoy watching certain television shows?

Do you ever wish you were as good of a writer as some of those script writers?

Do you want to know how to write like those script writers that can pull you into their story as easy as a witch waving her wand?

If you answered yes, I know a few points and hints that may help you!

The shows I have found myself drawn into are The Walking Dead, Switched At Birth, The Vampire Diaries, and Pretty Little Liars.


There are funny moments in a show where I am sitting on the edge of my seat with my nails tearing the cushion because of the conflict in the writing. I know exactly when more conflict will enter the story. It’s as soon as good things start happening to characters.

eg. 24 – This show isn’t running anymore, but I have been watching it with Johan lately and when ever the characters have a chance of being safe or getting what they want. It is then, at that very moment that something bad happens. (MISSION: What does your character want Most?” In the first season, Jack Bauer’s wants his wife and daughter and when they are one step closer to being back together together what happens?

Something causes them to be seperated for longer. This reminds me of what Best-Time-Selling Author Steven James once told a bunch of writers at a Writer’s Conference, “What does your character want most? When you figure that out – tear that “Wanted” thing or person away from your character.”

“What does your character want most? When you figure that out – tear that “Wanted” thing or person away from your character.”

Television writers are really good at this. I hadn’t always been into tv shows, but it makes me happy that I can see the conflict coming. In your writing you want to make the readers so happy that your father character and daughter character are about to be united again… but then, WHACK you need to throw your readers for a ride. Oh, Oh… She gets kidnapped again? NOooo…

This also is a great way to build conflict and pace your story! AND not to mention it will make your readers continue reading. :)

I have made up a list of some things I don’t like about some screen-writers: (Things that can push a reader/watcher away from a story)

Pushy or preachy (Pretty Little Liars) (Mr. Brooks) Shows and movies like this cause problems in my mind… they deal with things that are not okay in society and make them seem like they are okay. Like in Mr. Brooks, the pov character is a serial killer, and throughout the whole movie it makes you feel like you are the killer…

And with Pretty Little Liars, I have already posted on that one day… I hate how they are pushy with gay stuff. I mean there are shows with gays that I have watched and been able to keep watching – but I think what bugs me so badly here is that I really love the story because it is well written, but then they throw in a gay girl and only have one pair of glasses and that is a fully accepting view. It bugs me because I do not agree with that…

I don’t like watching things that make me feel icky and bad for the next few weeks… I like reading, watching, and writing things that make a person walk away from the show, story, or book with a good feeling.

I have found these are some really important things to stay away from if you want to keep your readers. :)

  1. What are some things that you like and dislike about television shows
  2. What are your favorite shows?
  3. What can watching tv shows do to help you with your writing? 

Be Blessed x

Devin Berglund <- I enjoy walking through gardens, having picnics and spending time with my boyfriend Johan. I find old train stations to be romantic and I love to writing about everything from my journey in Australia, my writing, and life. Follow my blog and twitter. I’m also on facebook! This month I’m working on my 1st novel in a trilogy. I’ll also be participating in NaNoWrimo. Add me as a buddy if you are also participating! I love meeting new people, especially writers. Add me and I will add you back! Can’t wait to get to know you all. Be Blessed! x

Journaling Feelings – Journaling Day 5

Journaling With Emotions

Have any of you ever felt blank (blagh and meaningless) or like an train of emotions had a trainwreck inside your mind? Did you actually know that those are the best times to write in your journal? I was once told by a writer friend when I was going through an unexpected hard time just to write… to write it all down…write how I was feeling and what was happening. This way I got all my thoughts out on paper (or computer word doc.)

Try this to inspire you:

If this feeling was a color, it would be _________________

If this feeling was weather, it would be ________________

If this feeling was a landscape, it would be _____________

If this feeling were a book, which would it be_______________

If this feeling was music, it would sound like ________________

If this feeling was an object, it would be __________________

You can even go further to thinking about your own questions as well. But, I’ve learned that it’s a very good thing to get your feelings out through writing. I know that some people are afraid of writing like this in a notebook for fear that someone would read it. (That’s why you need to comment on this blog post, Follow Devin’s Blog, and share this post because you could win an awesome journal and guess what? What doesn’t bring back memories like a journal with a lock and key? Yep, this one has a lock and key… classic!)


Choice 2

You ask, “Devin, how can I win one of those amazing journals?”

This contest will be taking place this coming week. I will be giving away 2 journals of your choice for the prizes, but in order to stay in the running you must:

  1. You must be a follower of my blog! :)
  2. Share the blog with your friends on facebook, twitter, your blog, and other sites during the week! (I will get notifications that you have shared so, I will know!)
  3. Comment. Answer the questions & ask questions. You can answer one of them or all of them!! :D
  4. And last but not least, take part in conversation in the comments. The posts will be showing how to dig deep in our journalling and how that helps us in our daily walk!
  5. The contest will begin today and will run till the 29th of September! :)Good LUCK! :) May the Journals be in your favor! :D
  6. The more you share, facebook, tweet, and comment the more of a chance you will have to win one of the amazing journals.

How about you?

  1. Are you afraid of writing out all your feelings in a journal? Or are you fine with it – if so do you have a hiding spot?
  2. If you were given 15 words to sum up your life, what would it be?
  3. Pick a color and list memories connected to that color?

Who wants to go on a journaling journey with me?

I love journaling and I think that is why I also love to write on a weblog. I remember writing on my first weblog just like I remember writing in my first journal. My Dad gave me my first journal and I carried it around everywhere with me. I am amazed that no one ever found it and read it, because it went everywhere with me. To school, to swimming lessons (well, minus the swimming part!) – but yes, the main point to this was that, that journal went everywhere with me! It was almost like my best friend. It was there whenever I needed to talk to someone. The things I was too embarressed to talk to anyone else about – could be confided in the blank sheets that called my name. If I was mad, sad, happy, tired – I kept returning to the book. And with the close of every back cover I felt somewhat different than I had when I started that journal. And that is when a feeling of accomplishment set over me. I had finished a journal and next time I was to the city (since I lived in the country) I could get a new journal.


When I read back over my journals from the past, it almost feels like I am reading someone else’s journal. Almost like they are preaching to me and know where I have been. All of my journals start out with two simple words.

Dear Jesus,

Dear Lord,

It is almost like when Anne Frank wrote in her journals, she wrote “Dear Kitty” so it’s different with everyone. But I felt that when I was writing “Dear Lord” or “Dear Jesus” that what I was actually saying was being heard and that it wasn’t just black words on a white sheet of paper, but that they had a deeper and better connection to who I am as a child of God.

The Right Journal

Just as I can only write with certain pens the journal makes all the different. I don’t like bulky journals or heavy ones. They have to be the right size. Big enough to enjoy writing in and small enough that I could stick it in my bag and bring it anyplace. And of course I am not talking about tiny notebooks – those bug me too.

The Plan: The Journal Journey

I have a plan and I want to know if you are in? This plan is a journal journey! You may wonder what a journal journey is? But I am going to hold a giveaway for this journal below and how ever many comments I get and shares will win one of these journals. Which is exciting, because look at them- I am jealous… I want one. haha…

Choice One

Choice 2

So you ask, how can I win one of those amazing journals?

This contest will be taking place this coming week. I will be giving away 2 journals of your choice for the prizes, but in order to stay in the running you must:

  1. You must be a follower of my blog! :)
  2. Share the blog with your friends on facebook, twitter, your blog, and other sites during the week! (I will get notifications that you have shared so, I will know!)
  3. Comment. Answer the questions & ask questions.
  4. And last but not least, take part in conversation in the comments. The posts will be showing how to dig deep in our journalling and how that helps us in our daily walk!
  5. The contest will begin today and will run till the 29th of September! :)

    Good LUCK! :) May the Journals be in your favor! :D

How About You?

  1. Do you like to journal?
  2. Do you think of it as more of a spiritual thing or is it more of a book when you just write your feelings and thoughts?
  3. What are some tips that help you when you are writing in a journal?


Remembrance… September 11th, 2001

I remember…

It was just like any other day. I sat in my second hour period science class in 7th grade. Mr T. entered the room with another teacher. She whispered in his ear, which was weird. I scrunched my eyebrows wondering what was going on and why these teachers were acting so strangely. Without saying a word, Mr T. made his way to the Television in the front of the classroom. My first thought was, oooh, maybe we will get to watch a cartoon in class this week. Because sometimes we got to do that! But then my mind quickly changed when the teacher in the back spoke up, “It’s on channel 7, well…” she paused, “It’s probably on every channel.” I looked back at the television screen to see the news-broadcaster speaking in a stressed tone. Behind her on the screen was a image that would from that day on never leave my mind. It was the Twin Towers. But it wasn’t a shot of the Twin Towers that you saw in many of the Hollywood films that distinguished that the setting of the movie was New York. It was a real life image of dark smoke looming upward from the first tower. I couldn’t believe it. Almost wondered if it was a joke, mainly because it was so hard to believe that this was happening during my life. My dad had gone to New York a few years before and he went to a gift shop inside the World Trade Center and got me a little bronze statue of liberty. I loved that souvenir and it still sits on my shelf at home to this day.

That day had a huge impact on America and all of her citizens. It was a day where students got out of class early. A day where most people spent the majority of their time glued to the television. It was a day that brought fear and anxiety. It was a week where if by chance you saw a plane flying in the sky you were afraid it was going to bomb your school or state buildings. Many people were affected so strongly they pledged they would never fly again.

But, that is the thing… my heart cries out for my country deeply. That day was meant for fear and anxiety. People attacked us when we least expected it and wanted us to be afraid.

I didn’t personally know anyone who was affected first hand by the traumatic events of 911 in New York, but this event in a way affected all American’s in one way or another first hand. It left a deep spot in my heart, but not one of fear. It was a deep spot of being proud of who I am. I saw many people come together and work to build America up again.

I pray that for the next four years. I pray that America, my lovely country will stand up true and strong – who she was set up to be from the beginning… “One Nation Under God…” It will always be. America was founded on God’s soil. :) So, I know the next four years will be blessed… God is in Control!

This is a part from the movie “Luck of the Irish”, but it’s a song from the end. I’ve always loved it.

Also here is a clip from the movie “Remember Me…” I really cried when I saw this bit from the movie… I didn’t expect it.

America will stand… No one can mess with her, because whether people like it or not – she is under God’s wing… God Bless America.

Love, Devin <3

How about you? What were you up to at that very exact same moment? Tell me your story…