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Hello All You! I hope you had a great Fourth of July!

I am currently in Portland, Oregon for The World Domination Summit and am totally excited about learning some awesome things from writers and bloggers of today! Also very excited to meet new contacts.

If you are still interested, The Smashing Summer Writing Gala is still going on and there are a few more places left. If you are interested in guest posting be sure to click and send me a pitch of at least 2 paragraphs on what you’d like to write about and then press send! :)

I will write again soon when I get back home to Minnesota.

Writing Groups, Pray, NaNoWrimo & Love

Hello Everyone, How have you all been? This will be a quick post because it is currently 1:30am here… I just wanted to say that I finally caught up on my word count today for my NaNoWrimo Novel… oh man, I am sure half of it will need to be edited. Am I thankful though that you are allowed to write a crappy first draft! Thank goodness! :)

I joined a writing group here in Brisbane and absolutely love it. It’s the best writing group I have been a part of… well, it’s the only constant writing group I’ve been a part of and by constant I mean that they meet every week. I got a brilliant idea for a new story this wednesday when we did a writing prompt! I loved the free-flowing feeling I got from just writing and creating something from something so random.

Also I am planning on doing some research this week on writing fight scenes… I am horrible at it and there are a few of my characters who will need to fight some… this is a random thought, but I thought I would share it with you all.

Also as I am sure the whole world knows that Obama got re-elected as president again for 4 more years. I am not happy about that at all, but I will remain positive because my God is greater than all the problems combined in the world. That also means that God is bigger and wiser and way better than Obama. God  knows how to run the world and take care of us amidst anything and everything, so I will trust in him (In God We Trust)… I know America will have a Great Awakening soon! Watch these two videos… they are awesome… This song is called the Great Awakening and is sung by Leeland! :) I really like Leeland!

This is my cry and prayer for my lovely country, America and that American’s eyes will be opened to this too. :)

Much love to you all,

I will update you all very soon on other things! :)

Current WIP Word-Count Total: 55, 241

NaNovel Word-Count Total- 13, 168

Afraid of NaNo??

Lacock Abbey, I was excited to see that Harry Potter was shot here!

A scene from the cathedral in my novel. (I actually took this picture in England when I was there!)

Are You Afraid?

Earlier today I had to answer the question “What do you fear most with NaNoWrimo…”. My answer about then was something like “I am afraid I will never finish my novel.” and “Oh, that people wouldn’t enjoy it.” Or even “That my characters won’t be interesting enough!” Do you ever have answers like this floating around in your mind?

Most of us do!

Today I just wanted to leave you with a short blog entry. But not just with a short blog entry… below I have placed an inspirational quote and a few websites that I have found inspiration and helpful. They are super helpful especially for during NaNoWrimo.


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” – Marianne Williamson



Need a timer to time writing sprints? Set it for 30 minutes to see how much you can write in that amount of time. http://e.ggtimer.com/

Are you writing a compilation of short stories during NaNo? http://bluemonkeywriting.wordpress.com/2012/10/30/guest-writer-prose-tales/

Want to know what will add extra words? *Couch* Deep Point Of View *Cough* http://bluemonkeywriting.wordpress.com/2012/10/11/tapping-into-your-characters-blood-flow/

Not inspired? http://seriouslywrite.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/how-to-get-inspired-in-less-than.html

Why you shouldn’t give up on your novel!!! http://www.writingforward.com/news-announcements/guest-posts/why-you-shouldnt-give-up-on-your-novel

Be sure to get up and move! :) http://bluemonkeywriting.wordpress.com/2012/10/06/the-seven-deadly-sins-for-writers-part-1/

Guest Post

Chech out my latest guest post on writing blog Write It Sideways. http://writeitsideways.com/boost-your-writing-creativity-with-a-camera/

And if you are doing NaNo add me as a Buddy! :)

Writers Can Learn MORE From Television Shows…

Photo Credit : The Walking Dead – AMC


Writers Can Learn MORE From Television Shows
Than Just Procrastinating From Writing

I am fond of certain television shows.

Do you have your shows that you love watching?

Are you a writer and do you enjoy watching certain television shows?

Do you ever wish you were as good of a writer as some of those script writers?

Do you want to know how to write like those script writers that can pull you into their story as easy as a witch waving her wand?

If you answered yes, I know a few points and hints that may help you!

The shows I have found myself drawn into are The Walking Dead, Switched At Birth, The Vampire Diaries, and Pretty Little Liars.


There are funny moments in a show where I am sitting on the edge of my seat with my nails tearing the cushion because of the conflict in the writing. I know exactly when more conflict will enter the story. It’s as soon as good things start happening to characters.

eg. 24 – This show isn’t running anymore, but I have been watching it with Johan lately and when ever the characters have a chance of being safe or getting what they want. It is then, at that very moment that something bad happens. (MISSION: What does your character want Most?” In the first season, Jack Bauer’s wants his wife and daughter and when they are one step closer to being back together together what happens?

Something causes them to be seperated for longer. This reminds me of what Best-Time-Selling Author Steven James once told a bunch of writers at a Writer’s Conference, “What does your character want most? When you figure that out – tear that “Wanted” thing or person away from your character.”

“What does your character want most? When you figure that out – tear that “Wanted” thing or person away from your character.”

Television writers are really good at this. I hadn’t always been into tv shows, but it makes me happy that I can see the conflict coming. In your writing you want to make the readers so happy that your father character and daughter character are about to be united again… but then, WHACK you need to throw your readers for a ride. Oh, Oh… She gets kidnapped again? NOooo…

This also is a great way to build conflict and pace your story! AND not to mention it will make your readers continue reading. :)

I have made up a list of some things I don’t like about some screen-writers: (Things that can push a reader/watcher away from a story)

Pushy or preachy (Pretty Little Liars) (Mr. Brooks) Shows and movies like this cause problems in my mind… they deal with things that are not okay in society and make them seem like they are okay. Like in Mr. Brooks, the pov character is a serial killer, and throughout the whole movie it makes you feel like you are the killer…

And with Pretty Little Liars, I have already posted on that one day… I hate how they are pushy with gay stuff. I mean there are shows with gays that I have watched and been able to keep watching – but I think what bugs me so badly here is that I really love the story because it is well written, but then they throw in a gay girl and only have one pair of glasses and that is a fully accepting view. It bugs me because I do not agree with that…

I don’t like watching things that make me feel icky and bad for the next few weeks… I like reading, watching, and writing things that make a person walk away from the show, story, or book with a good feeling.

I have found these are some really important things to stay away from if you want to keep your readers. :)

  1. What are some things that you like and dislike about television shows
  2. What are your favorite shows?
  3. What can watching tv shows do to help you with your writing? 

Be Blessed x

Devin Berglund <- I enjoy walking through gardens, having picnics and spending time with my boyfriend Johan. I find old train stations to be romantic and I love to writing about everything from my journey in Australia, my writing, and life. Follow my blog and twitter. I’m also on facebook! This month I’m working on my 1st novel in a trilogy. I’ll also be participating in NaNoWrimo. Add me as a buddy if you are also participating! I love meeting new people, especially writers. Add me and I will add you back! Can’t wait to get to know you all. Be Blessed! x

Attitude… Cockroaches… and life as I know it at the moment.

Light Shows & Unwanted Dinner Guests

It is the Brisbane festival at the moment – which leads up to the big fireworks and light show on the Brisbane River known to many Brisbane-ites as “River Fire”. Tonight after I got done writing and after Johan finished studying we walked to South Bank and got some yummy sandwiches at “Grilld” and then we walked to the river and sat down on the edge of the river. It was beautiful. The city scape reflecting their lights onto the water reflecting bright reds, blues, and pinks. Music played in the speakers as Johan and I enjoyed our meal.

I reached to grab a french fry (by the way they have some of the most yummy fries made with sea salt and rosemary!) but, yes I picked up my french fry and dipped it in the sauce when all of a sudden next to my pinkie finger there was a visitor on the spot next to my sauce. As soon as I saw the cockroach I started freaking out. It scuttled on my lap and then off and over the ledge. I stood up and started doing a freaking out touched a bug dance! What a close encounter with a disgusting existence!

What a close encounter with a disgusting existence!

So that was my scary experience today. But then when we got back to my apartment – I went to use the bathroom and when I came back Johan told me there was a cockroach in my apartment. I sorta freaked out again… it’s just a gross feeling that there might be a nasty presence in my apartment… maybe I should name him… until I find him… AND THEN… I WILL KILL HIM!!!!!


Just lately I have realized that I hate it when certain people have bad attitudes. They are so negative and speak as though everything is about them. What do you do when people act this way? I see things like this on facebook all the time – I am so close to commenting, but I always stop before posting because I don’t want to be seen as the rude person who caused me to want to post by others!

Getting some words written! :)

Getting Some Words Written

For the past few days my boyfriend and I have been accountable with each other him with his studies and me with my writing. I am so thankful I have someone to kick me in the behind when I need it. I am so excited about this story! I told you all before that I would tell you all the name of the book. How about the next post? In order for me to release the name, I need everyone to comment below answering a question inspired from the links below. Then also make sure to post on the links and follow the blogs.

I have been working on a blog with a few other writers a lot lately too. Check out an amazing post on sitting yourself in the chair to write, Synopsis writing tips that work, and also why you shouldn’t give up on writing that novel of yours. 

  1. If you are a writer how do you get yourself to sit in the chair and write?
  2. Do you have any Synopsis writing tips that you like to use?
  3. What are a few things that cause you to procrastinate finishing what you are working on?

The Time Travel Jeep

Hello writers and readers! This is a short post today, but I wanted to share with you all the first official post on “Blue Monkey Writing” a collaborative blog written by writers. Check it out. Show the Blue Monkey Writing Blog some love by subscribing. :)

The Time Travel Jeep.

How To Finish Your Novel!

Hello Everyone! This is just going to be a short post.  I got my first guest post on “Writing Forward” One of Writer’s Digests 101 best writing sites! Please leave a comment on the site. :)


How to Finish Your Novel | Guest Posts | Writing Forward


Guest author Devin Berglund offers tips and ideas to help you avoid procrastination so you can finally finish your novel.