The Created Ones Trilogy

Photo Credit: Johan Joubert

Photo Credit: Johan Joubert

The Created Ones Trilogy

1. Book One : The Mason of Hearts

Theme Idea – You may choose the path of life or death… God sets before you every day, death and life. But, he wants you to choose life.
I am currently revising this novel.

Finished at 80,000 words.

2. Book Two : Working Title

I got the idea for this story originally from a dream I had. It was an interesting dream.

My Goal: 80,000 words
 Current Word Count: 60,000 words.

Theme: That people were created in a unique and loving way and that we need to let go of the things that constantly consume and overpower our lives, God wants us to instead chase after him, and in turn we will become who he created us to be. (I want people to take away from this story about how unique they are and how much God truly loves you… because he created you.)

I did my first 6 chapters draft for my Senior Year Capstone class at Minnesota State University of Moorhead. It is just crazy how much it has changed since the very first draft. I am actually much happier with how it is now, compared to how it was before. Isn’t that crazy how when you look back at your old work – you are not as impressed with it as you were at first?

3.) Book Three : Working Title

Information coming soon!

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