The Mason of Hearts: Journal

Journal Entry – November 18th, 2012

Revision #1

Current Spot: Chapter 10

Just so you all know, but I am sure you all know. I haven’t updated this journal for a while. Have been so busy. But I actually finished the first draft back in November 2012.

Now, it is March 27th 2013 and I am steep in revisions and editing. I will let you all know when I finish my revisions.

Current Schedule:

  • 31st of March – Be to chapter 20 by then
  • 7th of April – Be to chapter 44 by then
  • 11th of April – Be to chapter 55 by then (DONE! PARTAY!!)
  • 15th-21st of April – Edit and Rework Seven Deadly Sins for Writers (Finish on the 21st)

Journal Entry – November 18th, 2012

current word count : 66,000

I am so exciting. I should finish The Mason of Hearts next week if everything goes as planned!! YAY!!! Big celebrations in store for the day I write my last sentence for this book. But then the editing will be in store for the next while. I will make my query letter shine and send it to some agents. but this will definitely be after my editing.  This was just a short update. Oh and I have an idea of where the 3rd book in the series will go! *Pirates anyone* cough! Can’t wait!
Will update you more as soon as I reach 70K! :) Which should be this monday!!! Talk soon


Devin (Warrior Poet)

Journal Entry – November 13th, 2012

current word count : 58,746

Today I wrote a big chunk on my novel The Mason of Hearts, It is so exciting to get such a huge chunk written. I wrote exactly 5,000 words. I ended up screwing up my NaNoWrimo count though, as I had written 2,000 words somewhere else along the way and so my total ended up as 7, 515 today. I hate it when I do my math wrong. Uffda…

But yeah, I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am on the onset of when I stopped writing the first Created Ones book… (That one is currently still sitting at about 60,ooo something, I will go back to writing it when I am done with this one and have also started a breather project. These characters have worn me out! haha…)

So my word-count goals are: (I may change it up a bit here and there, but at least I have somewhat of a plan!)

  • 13th of November (Wednesday): 4,000 words =  62,746
  • 14th of November (Thursday): 4,000 words = 66,746
  • 15th of November (Friday): 4,000 words = 70,746
  • 16th of November (Saturday): 2,000 words = 72,746
  • 17th of November (Sunday): 2,000 words = 74,746
  • 18th of November (Monday): 4,000 words = 78,746
  • 19th of November (Tuesday): 2,000 words = 80,746

Then I will be done with my novel for NaNoWrimo and then I will do the collection of short stories (10,000 words amount of short stories… which will add the other half of my NaNoWords to finish the goal.) Can’t wait…

Well I better scoot,

Devin Berglund

Will write again soon! :D

Journal Entry – September 28th, 2012

 Current word count: 18,169

I have been amazed with how much writing I have been doing lately. Blogs galore – on my blog and on the collaborative writing blog too.

I can’t believe that I wrote 4,029 words today on The Mason of Hearts. That was death. Well, it wasn’t bad, but it was hard. I managed to have some technical difficulties as well, I had been typing on my ipad and made it to about 1,500 words when all of a sudden my Microsoft Word App froze. Which is weird, because it’s never done that before. But then I found that the last moment I had saved was when I had written about 350 words. FAIL. Always save. And I know that when I see other people write stuff on facebook or on their blogs about having problems where they lose half of what they wrote I always feel bad for them, but happy it’s not me. But I guess payback is a pain, right?
So all I have to do is write 55,123 words  and if I get this many words written next week (I am going to shoot for 20,000 words next week though…) so I will only have 35,123 words left to write after that. :) Yay!

Journal Entry – September 23rd, 2012

                                                                                                                             Current word count: 10, 363

This currently is a very exciting road I am marching down. I have been writing about 2,000 words everyday. My boyfriend sent me a text saying he was going to keep me accountable with making sure I sit down and write everyday. I think that can be the hardest part of writing. Sitting down and starting.

One thing that I have found to be very important while writing this book is love. The different forms of love that we encounter in our lives. There is the person who died for you and me. There are people who would die for you, and there are those who love us and we don’t even know it.

But, the main theme (there are a few themes that can be found in my story) is choosing life and not death. The choices that we have in life can one of lead two ways. One way will make your life better and the other will make your life worse. That is my current mission with this book. :)

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