24,705 words to go…

2,057 words written before 3pm! That is an awesome feeling… I need to figure out if it’s a possibility to finish my end parts of the story. I just wanted to do a quick update that I got my 2,000 done for today! It almost feels like 2,000 words isn’t enough, I should really be trying for 2,000 some more today! I will let you know how that goes!

I am just writing down on my blog my plan of attack to document how the process goes in finishing the novel when we keep word count goal! Something, I found last night was that I have so many pieces of the story that I am trying to bridge the gaps. How do you write?
1. Write all the way through?
2. Start at the end and work the way to the beginning?
3. or write what parts come to you and then fly by the seat of your pants with what parts come to you?

Let me know, would be great to find out! I find that I am a #3
This next week I plan on hosting one of the winner’s from my October “Nightmare” Writing Contest on this blog, so keep your eyes open for that!