My future writing lounge… I really want it… wish I had it right now.

I am absolutely addicted to Pinterest. On there I have created boards with my future kitchen, future bedroom, future writing lounge, and many other things.  But, today I have been thinking hard about “Writing Spaces”… and I’ve been dreaming about my future writing lounge. Do any of you have a writing lounge? or an office where you work on your stuff? What do you think should be included in a writing space, in order to make it a “Writing Space”?

I have been really hoping and wishing i could have a beautiful writing lounge right now, because then I would have a place for my writing – but, at the moment I can’t. Right now I sit at my kitchen table and write. But someday I will have A safe place, a safe nook away from the world where – well, where I can enter my world (inside my mind). So, here are some ideas for what I want in my writing lounge someday! :)

There is one thing that I have always wanted in my writing lounge one day. I really want book shelves like the ones in “Beauty and the Beast” where there is that swinging ladder that she slid on. I loved it. These are similar and extremely beautiful! 

Photographs: One thing that is very important to me is my memories. So, I will be the type to hang meaningful family pictures up in my studio… but I will display them in interesting ways!

I have always loved the look of the tree frame. It’s an interesting idea.

Words: Being a writer, words are very important to me. I love this idea! I could showcase words by famous authors, role-models and Bible verses.

Since, I am still talking about wall decore – I really wouldn’t mind having a map wall. Traveling has always and will always be important to me.

I saw this and really loved the “metal” cursive handwriting decore! It would be so easy to make your own.

This desk is pretty and simple. I really love the book shelf sides. I would totally use it.

I like vintage decore. This would be a perfect way to never let those flowers die as these ones would last for a long time.

I come from the woods of Minnesota, so when I saw these I absolutely fell head over heels in love! They are neat and I think it’s a cool way to bring nature inside. Since, when I am writing – I get a lot of inspiration from nature.

This is a lit tree that i have in my flat at the moment. I love it! It gives off a very whimsical fantasy feeling.

This would be beautiful as a center-piece on one of the walls.

I really like the nature feeling… so, that will be brought into my writing lounge for sure, someday! :)

I love simple little decoration trinkets that add flair and originality to my rooms.

Maybe I will have a door like this to the entrance to my writing lounge. Although, I really like stained glass windows. It makes me think of my Grandma Ruby’s door into the fire-place room. It was white like this, but had a really beautiful stained glass window in it. So, if I could I will have a door like this, but it will have stained glass windows.

There is just something so amazing about stained glass windows…

Maybe the windows will have curtains with lights in them. :)

Maybe, you can tell I love lights.

Ever since I watched “Once Upon a Time” I fell in love with the wallpaper on the walls of the witch’s house. All the birch trees. I loved it.

So, my mind keeps spinning with ideas of this beautiful room. :) Someday… *sigh*
What are some of the things that you have in your writing lounge? Do any of you have a writing lounge? or an office where you work on your stuff? What do you think should be included in a writing space, in order to make it a “Writing Space”?

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Left Illinois, Kentucky, and made it to Franklin Tennessee.

Hello good people,

We made it to the hotel in Franklin, Tennessee! I am so excited about the conference tomorrow although I am nervous, because the first thing I saw when I walked into the groovy-modern hotel was a bunch of professional looking people with computer bags and brief cases. It will be a great experience to be in a place with a bunch of people who love writing and telling stories!
It was a great and interesting experience driving here to Nashville and also when I was driving through St. Louis the other day, because I haven’t done much BIG city driving, but I would have to say it is a great accomplishment and it’s a wonderful feeling to know you can do it! Although, I can say that I am very excited that I wont have to drive much overly in the next two days.

My sister and I stopped at the Grand Ole Opry Theatre today and also the Opryland Hotel. It was pretty and also so warm out today! I have never been to Tennessee before, but it is definitely a beautiful State. It is green, hilly, and full of forests. Franklin has a lot of history connected to it.

Hope you enjoy these pictures! I promise I will load more as the days go by! :P

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2.) Book Reading will be happening at the Teaberry in Fargo, North Dakota on the 18th of August at 7-8:30 pm
3.) If you are looking for “New Branch of the Journey” in bookstores… it is available at Book World (Detroit Lakes), The Rainbow Shop (13th Ave. Fargo), and Zambroz (Broadway, Fargo). Check them out!
4.) And if you are not able to get to the store you may also write on my blog or facebook page that you are interested in a copy! It is available for $25.

I have the conference tomorrow! I am so excited!!!! Can’t wait to see what Ted Dekker, Tosca Lee and the other authors have in store for us!!! (Wow.. I have been using a lot of exclamation points… shows I am excited!)

P.S. I love seeing other people who love to write, tonight there was a young boy sitting outside near a window and he was writing in a notebook! It’s awesome! If you write, WRITE!!!

Question for you all who are reading this: Do you like to write? What do you like to write?

Happy Reading & Writing,

Devin <3