Here is something for you to enjoy while I am on the road towards Perth, Western Australia. If you want to follow my trip go to the sidebar picture of the airplane and click. It will allow you to follow our trip. Just yesterday I printed out my manuscript! How exciting!!! :)

My Manuscript!!! YAY!

My Manuscript!!! YAY!

Check this out! :)

Introduction to my blog! :)

I decided to make an introduction video for my vlog. I have been hearing from a lot of writers that it’s a good thing to be on Youtube as well, so I am going to try my hand at Vlogging as well! Watch out for my next vlog – It will probably be on the outcome of NaNoWrimo! :)

P.S. Are you participating in NaNoWrimo (Nation Novel Writing Month)?? If so add me as a buddy on there. I am interested in doing some writing sprints with people. (A sprint is like a race to see how many words one can write in a given time like 30 minutes, or an hour.)

Also If you haven’t seen it. I was a guest blogger on writing blog Write It Sideways! Want to know how to boost your writing creativity with a camera? Check it out here! 

A new post for you! :)

Hello all, I am currently on the sunny coast with Johan and his family! Today was a lovely day even if it rained pretty much all day!! I enjoyed every part of it with my boyfriend.

I was extremely sore today though! At the beginning of the day I was wondering why… But I think it’s because of all the walking I did yesterday! I walked to the grocery store and carried bags back! It felt really lovely to walk and be outside! I even got some interesting views and got to experience some interrrrrrresting… People. Like the kinds you would read about in my books… Lol. then later tonight I did some reading over my blog and I realized about how much I have grown and the different things that I have gone through in my life!

This July will be my blogs one and a half year anniversary! So to celebrate, I will be planning something exciting! I can’t tell you yet, but I will let you know soon!! Get ready! :)

So as you all know I have been writing a lot lately. But I need to gt into the sit down and write for an hour every day. It’s my job. I must also find places to submit it to so that I can start getting paid for my words! :)

Valentines Day… Proteas & Apartment searching in Brisbane Australia.

Hello Everyone,

So, it’s been a little while since my last post on here. I have been busy looking for apartments in Brisbane and it’s harder than i thought it would be. In Australia they rent apartments by week instead of by month- so I think it’s quite more expensive here than in the States. Other than that I am looking for a job as well.

I had the best Valentines day this year! My boyfriend, Johan brought Proteas home in the morning with the cutest note ever. :) The Protea is the South African National flower. When he gave them to me I was amazed because I didn’t actually think that there was such a flower.

Aren’t they different but beautiful flowers? Then after getting the flowers we went to Brisbane and continued our apartment searching. We are going to Brisbane again today to look at different places. Hopefully to find the one that speaks to me. :) I will write again soon. I will be going into the editing of my finished manuscript “The Created Ones” sometime this week. And then on February 29th, I will have a blog entry going live on another writer/bloggers site… called “Staying inspired in a less than colourful world.” So keep your eyes open for that. I will post it when it becomes live. :)

Hope you are all doing wonderfully! Late Happy Hearts Day! :)


Devin Berglund