My Life As Of Now… :D

How have you all been with your writing?

I will admit… I haven’t been overly kickin it with words. I know how my story begins and ends. I know my characters well, but I just feel like I am in a funk with the story. I hate that feeling. The problem is, that I just need to sit my behind down and actually write. I would like to finish this story so I can start on another one. To get inspiration i have been reading a book by an Australian Author. Actually I haven’t been able to set the book down. It’s just been so good. It’s called “The Forgotten Garden”! At the end of every chapter I want to keep reading. I haven’t read a book like that in a long time, because I easily get distracted and confused. And that can cause me to set the book down. Here is a book trailer on “The Forgotten Garden” – I know you will enjoy it! :D After I finish that I will be reading some author/writer friend’s work’s in progresses as a beta reader.

I will push myself in the next few weeks… to get the book done or closer to being done! Other than writing, I am still searching for another job. I may just get a job (even if it’s not a writing/editing job) to make extra money. Johan has been good, but busy with school and paintings as well. “I am so thankful for you and am so proud of you. <3 Love you so much!” (I know you read my blog, Love. hehe… just thought I would throw this in here for you.) 

Well, I will write again soon.


What books are you currently reading that are inspiring? Also what do you do to get in the writing mood?