More Plotting-Day 3 of Devin’s Writing Routine Exercise


Today I am uploading two posts because I was so busy yesterday and hadn’t been able to post about day two. Today was a plotting day and deciding to just get in there to finish writing a certain section. Besides writing I have been busy with marketing and freelance work. Be sure to check out the “extra” tab for my buttons. If you are a blogger who likes my blog, be free to put my button on your side-bar! :) Would be great!
Things coming up soon:

  1. I am also planning on releasing an ebook that I will have a contest up in awhile for.
  2. Vlogs – I have been planning on making more YouTube videos and posting more often

Today I wrote 2,470 words. I felt that it was a great accomplishment and I am happy to know that from the last few days I have gained a much better knowledge of my characters and what they are like!

The first day, I asked you if you are a writer who lets the plot drive the story? Or if you are a writer who let’s the character drive the story, which are you? I would love to hear what you think!

I have been adding onto my post-it-note plot

I swear, it’s filling up the whole kitchen wall. :)

I have been adding on to my post-it-note wall, and as you can see it takes up a good chuck of the wall. I have heard that the Plot Driven writers are more logical and such. While the Character Driven Writers are more into the detail and emotions of a character. That is most definitely me. How about you?

We are going to do a quick exercise! 

How many can you think of? A lot of them, right?

Since we are focusing on Plot today… this exercise shows us something about plot.

1. Rising Action
2. Climax
3. Falling Action With of course the

Do you see something similar? Three…

This is of course a more simpler version of what many of our stories are. Story is usually a little mountain range leading up to the Climax. Which means that there are other conflicts within the main conflict. There are also climaxes within the climax.

  1. Start with a character who has a conflict -Pinocchio for example. Wants to be a real boy. What is your stories Conflict?
    “You don’t have a story until there is conflict.” – Author Steven James once told me
  2. Does your character have conflict?
  3. For the last exercise for today – (I will also do this and I will post it tomorrow) Summarize the plot of your story into a single sentence using action verbs. Be sure to mention the character’s conflict.

Happy Writing… and see you tomorrow! :)