My future writing lounge… I really want it… wish I had it right now.

I am absolutely addicted to Pinterest. On there I have created boards with my future kitchen, future bedroom, future writing lounge, and many other things.  But, today I have been thinking hard about “Writing Spaces”… and I’ve been dreaming about my future writing lounge. Do any of you have a writing lounge? or an office where you work on your stuff? What do you think should be included in a writing space, in order to make it a “Writing Space”?

I have been really hoping and wishing i could have a beautiful writing lounge right now, because then I would have a place for my writing – but, at the moment I can’t. Right now I sit at my kitchen table and write. But someday I will have A safe place, a safe nook away from the world where – well, where I can enter my world (inside my mind). So, here are some ideas for what I want in my writing lounge someday! :)

There is one thing that I have always wanted in my writing lounge one day. I really want book shelves like the ones in “Beauty and the Beast” where there is that swinging ladder that she slid on. I loved it. These are similar and extremely beautiful! 

Photographs: One thing that is very important to me is my memories. So, I will be the type to hang meaningful family pictures up in my studio… but I will display them in interesting ways!

I have always loved the look of the tree frame. It’s an interesting idea.

Words: Being a writer, words are very important to me. I love this idea! I could showcase words by famous authors, role-models and Bible verses.

Since, I am still talking about wall decore – I really wouldn’t mind having a map wall. Traveling has always and will always be important to me.

I saw this and really loved the “metal” cursive handwriting decore! It would be so easy to make your own.

This desk is pretty and simple. I really love the book shelf sides. I would totally use it.

I like vintage decore. This would be a perfect way to never let those flowers die as these ones would last for a long time.

I come from the woods of Minnesota, so when I saw these I absolutely fell head over heels in love! They are neat and I think it’s a cool way to bring nature inside. Since, when I am writing – I get a lot of inspiration from nature.

This is a lit tree that i have in my flat at the moment. I love it! It gives off a very whimsical fantasy feeling.

This would be beautiful as a center-piece on one of the walls.

I really like the nature feeling… so, that will be brought into my writing lounge for sure, someday! :)

I love simple little decoration trinkets that add flair and originality to my rooms.

Maybe I will have a door like this to the entrance to my writing lounge. Although, I really like stained glass windows. It makes me think of my Grandma Ruby’s door into the fire-place room. It was white like this, but had a really beautiful stained glass window in it. So, if I could I will have a door like this, but it will have stained glass windows.

There is just something so amazing about stained glass windows…

Maybe the windows will have curtains with lights in them. :)

Maybe, you can tell I love lights.

Ever since I watched “Once Upon a Time” I fell in love with the wallpaper on the walls of the witch’s house. All the birch trees. I loved it.

So, my mind keeps spinning with ideas of this beautiful room. :) Someday… *sigh*
What are some of the things that you have in your writing lounge? Do any of you have a writing lounge? or an office where you work on your stuff? What do you think should be included in a writing space, in order to make it a “Writing Space”?

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