A Lazy Saturday & ‘thinking’ like Winnie the Pooh…and my weekend click-ables…

Hello everyone,
Today was the last day of the NextGenWriter’s Conference. I learned a lot though. Which is really cool.

One thing I found interesting was what one author said – She said that you should write your book’s proposal before writing the book. It really amazed me. Because my problem with my current work in progress was that I didn’t know how it was going to end.

Today was a nice lazy Saturday spent lounging around with Johan. We  had a good day today! Johan read to me the story of Moses. I love the story of Moses and it’s been such a long time since I’ve read it. The night before Johan surprised me and got  the movie Prince of Egypt for me, because he remembered it was one of my favorites. We watched that night over supper and had a lovely night, but that is what got us thinking about what really happened! God is a good writer, that is for sure. A burning bush? Such a great story and what makes it more amazing is that it is true. I would have been shocked and amazed. That is one thing I love about writing. Bringing a light into the dark world with my words.


During the past week I hunkered down and put my thinking cap on or as Winnie the Pooh does in his thinking spot “Think…Think…Think…” while tapping his head. (click the link to watch a short film of Winnie! He does his “Think…Think…Think…” in it too… hahaha! I love Winnie the Pooh!)

But anyways, I believe I got off topic. I was thinking… and finally figured out the end of my story and also the title. For awhile it was going as nameless. Or rather Origins and what a boring name for a book, besides how many Origins can you think of. I’ve heard of many! So, currently that is my plan! To write the book proposal first. Then finish the book.

Weekend Click-ables!

  1. Shrunken Manuscript  (I found this quite interesting. I will definitely give it a try when I finish my manuscript.)
  2. Why there’ll Never be a better time to write
  3. Must Haves to have- being a writer… (I will have to try these… Someday I will try the dive board for the shower. I really like the little note card thing she brings on walks. I usually write notes in my iphone BUT… duh…duh…duh… I get distracted and rather end up on the lovely facebook, twitter, email, or other distractions and then I don’t actually get any writing done! Oh… boy!)
  4. Write your Query first
  5. Write your Proposal Before
  6. Screenwriting tips for Authors (check this out… it’s interesting… it’s on your first chapters.)
  7. Inner Demons (I will have to go back over this… and figure out what my protagonist’s dark side is.)
  8. Writing Action Scenes (I have a few fight scenes coming up… and to tell you the truth… gulp… I am kind of afraid… I’ve never done a fight scene before… so this will be interesting.)
  9. Queries?!?!  (If you need help writing a query, check this page out!)
  10. Good Dialogue?  (There are some books that I have picked up to read before and have set down just as quick because of cheesy dialogue. Check this awesome post out!)
  11. Writer Retreat? (I like the nightwriter pen idea. I am going to have to find myself one.)
  12. Please Research (If you don’t know something, but need to know something for the book you are writing. Look it up. I have read so many books where some of the authors/writers didn’t do their research.)
  13. 42 Fiction Writing Tips
  14. Things to help you finish your book

I hope that these links help! I really enjoyed looking at them and thought I would share them also with you all.

August Goals

  1. Write Proposal (this week)
  2. Finish First Draft (by the end of August)
  3. Submit guest posts to (Write it Sideways & Writing Forward)
  4. Look for a new job
  5. Pick out a new book to read. (I think I am giving up on the Hunger Games… I haven’t been able to finish it…)

Talk to you all soon! :)